05. Unix Tutorial – File Management – Part II

You Need Backup Software

Backup software is essential, without it, the dangers are too high to consider. In this article we will look at both home and business users and why you need to invest into good backup solutions today.

MS Office: Steps to Install and Use It Most Conveniently

Since time immemorial MS Office has been the mainstay software package that has been providing you all the necessary tools and platforms to read, compose, edit and manufacture your all important office documents. Be it your annual report or the presentation you are going to give in the next board meeting, it has always been the applications of MS Office that has come to your aid. It would be quite inconvenient rather inefficient to handle documents as smoothly and efficiently on your PC without MS Office.

Deploy a Sales Automation System for Great Business Benefits

Sales Automation is a technique of using software and tools to automate the entire process of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring, order tracking, customer management, and sales forecast analysis, besides evaluation of employee Sales Automation performance as well as monitoring the sales teams. Along with making the sales process seamless, it also monitors and manages working of the entire sales department.

5 Ways Software Implementation Will Help a Chiropractic Clinic

With chiropractic care expanding more and more every year, it’s been a pertinent issue in many offices to discover and implement ways of effectively dealing with the day to day activities as well as handling a larger flow of patients. More people are realizing the benefits of seeing a chiropractor.

How To Correctly Choose Which Provider Of Catering Software To Go With

Today, there are so many brands and providers of different types of catering software that you can have a hard time choosing the right one to use for your business. Below are some helpful tips you can keep in mind to make sure you choose the right catering software provider to go with.

How to Improve the Growth of the QSR Industry Using Mobile Apps Development

On a final note it makes enormous good sense to suggest that eating out is still a concept that does not make everyone happy. While trigger happy customers may enjoy the act of eating out once in a while, their frequency of visits is not so high and they do not translate into loyal customers. On the other hand the young professionals who have to eat out regularly look for a long standing solution to their food woes. Quick service restaurants can cater to the requirements of both these segments by harnessing mobile applications to institutionalize the habit of eating at quick service restaurants to deliver cost value and time saving.

Accounting Software Aids Professionals and Helps Them Excel

The technology of online accounting software is taking the industry by storm, and the latest is moving to “the cloud.” This version allows experts to easily share and collaborate online.

CakePHP Satisfying Your Hunger For Better Web Application Development

CakePHP development techniques the evolved framework for PHP programming language. Its better, faster and more robust. Yet at the same it is as pleasurable to work with as can be.

FLEXCUBE User Training – “I Get Nervous Around Really Smart People”

04 January 2001. I took a flight to Eastern Europe (Poland) for the first time. Little did I imagine it is going to be the first of the many trips I would make time and again to Eastern Europe.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPad Pro: What’s New From an IOS Developer’s Perspective?

A developer’s perspective on the expected new features that are available on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and iPad Pro. While developing iOS apps, programmers have to focus on different models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to deliver richer user experience across multiple iOS devices. Despite running on the same version of iOS, the screen size, features and functionality of individual devices differ. And this brings in a good deal of work for the app developers.

Robotium Vs Appium

A number of reports have highlighted the rapidly growing popularity of mobile apps. With more and more enterprises launching mobile applications, the users now have option to choose from millions of apps available at various app stores. So it has become essential for businesses to attract, impress and engage users by launching apps that work flawlessly across multiple devices and operating systems.

Excel Tip – Use the IF and COUNTIF Functions in Excel To Generate Unique Usernames

This article will show you how to use the IF and COUNTIF functions in Excel to generate unique usernames even when your data contains duplicates. This is useful for automatically generating IDs for logon names when more person has the same name in your company or organisation.

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