09. Unix Tutorial – Unix Environment

Top 6 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Consider The Nearshore Development

Many North American firms have off-shored their software development needs to far off places like The Ukraine or India. While distant destinations have been top-of-mind in the past, many astute companies and organizations are finding that world class talent is available right here in our friendly neighborhood-with tremendous added benefits of being close to home. Here are a few reasons to consider nearshore development if you haven’t done so yet.

What Is Power Query In Microsoft Excel?

Do you spend a lot of time building dashboards and reports in Excel?. Do they take a lot of time and effort to repeat the same task over and over again? It sounds like you could really benefit from using Power Query. This article will walk you through this Add In for Excel explaining what it is and what it can do for you to free you to to concentrate on analyzing and gaining insights form your data.

Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Up a QA Department

The following are some of the most common mistakes that are made by the management and which should be avoided at all cost in order to set up a good and able quality assurance department. Ambiguous Objectives: This probably one of the biggest mistakes that occur when the management is setting up a QA department for their organization. A team can only deliver you good quality work when they have a definite idea of what you expect out of them.

Your Source To Better Output And Performance

In today’s challenging environment all business organizations, government or private need cost-effective, and innovative solutions to manage their assets, inventory, and purchasing. Budget cuts are seen everywhere and it has now become a reality whose strain is felt by all working in the organization. Those who deal directly with public safety are the ones who suffer the most. They are those who respond to life and death situation. When they have less resources to manage the critical demands it becomes that much more of a challenge to manage their equipment and medical supplies.

You Mean One More Software Is Required for Running Your Software?

It was circa March 1999 and I was working in a small software company (CITIL – Citicorp Information Technology Industries Limited) which was specializing in core banking products. This company went to become a giant in the core banking space and was subsequently acquired by Oracle in 2005. In the late 90’s if you were working in a software company by default you would land up in US or UK on a project.

6 Tips to Find the Best Software Company for Your Business

Finding the most suitable software company isn’t exactly the most simple of tasks. It require a large amount of thought and consideration. With these 6 tips, however, making the decision will be all the more simpler.

What We Need to Know About Security Testing

Security testing is very much self-explanatory. By the name itself one can figure out that it relates to a technique to strengthen the security. But is Security testing just a testing to protect data and information functionally?

IOS 9 Expected Features: Expectation From Rumour Mill

Apple ended all speculations and rumors surrounding iOS 9 by releasing the latest version of its mobile operating system officially on 16th September. The version 9 of iOS supports iPod touch (fifth generation) along with iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and all iPad Mini models. This also enables the users to easily install iOS 9 on their devices as the size of the update is only about 1.3 GB. iOS 9 also comes with better battery life, enhanced search options, updated apps, improved security, and new multitasking features to compete with popular mobile operating systems like Android and Windows Phone. These new features and enhancements in iOS 9 will profoundly impact both users and app developers.

Online Accounting Software Allows for Faster Payroll Processing

Choosing the right type of software can be a big issue for many companies. They need to make sure that they are able to make changes to each paycheck. Online accounting software is going to allow them to enter different credentials and be able to figure out properly.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance – The Ultimate Necessity of Modern Day Business Applications

Advanced web application and software comprise an efficient bi-product of the continuously evolving technology innovations. A bulk of credit for the effective functioning of these modern day applications should go to rigorous software testing and quality assurance.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Shipping Software for Your Freight Business

For shipping enterprises, providing quality services to customers is very important. Enterprises will have to focus on various factors, such as providing cost-effective shipping, on-time delivery of packages, local and international trade compliance and proper tracking of shipments, among others.

Hiring Magento Developers – Where Do I Begin?

Hiring Magento developers could be quite a daunting task if you do not know where to begin. Before you begin, you need to map out all your project requirements and make sure that the developer thoroughly understands them.

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