10 Things You Need To Know About Qtile

Securing Your PC From Internet Viruses and Other Online Threats

Computer viruses pose the biggest threat for internet users. If you work on the net without proper protection, the valuable data in your PC may get hacked. You might already have heard of how viruses can damage computers. Some of the major concerns are data loss, identity thefts, and system crash. However, you can protect your systems from viruses and hackers by following some good practices.

Custom Software Development for Flourishing Businesses

There is more to explore in the many software development facilities provided today. There are software modules designed to help businesses get that competitive edge and grow rapidly to surpass others in quality of services.

Creative Writing: Knocking on Your Emotions

Creative writing can be considered the backbone of the social media. Creative writers need to put up online contents to deal with short attention span of the social media audience. Thus, there is now an increase in the demand for creative writers, some even can work through a home-based setting.

Enhance Your ROI With CRM Integration

Do you desire to improve your customer service, enhance the customer’s satisfaction level, plan effective marketing strategies and increase sales and profitability of your business? Then the best way for the same is through CRM integration and salesforce data migration.

Adding Web Parts to a SharePoint Site

While dealing with web parts in SharePoint 2010, one of the very basic tasks is adding a web part on a web page. For adding a web part on a web parts page, there are basically 2 methods available. This article explains the methods which can be used to add web parts to a SharePoint 2010 site.

Best Plug-Ins for Internet Explorer Web Browser

A browser is the best thing to surf the web with possibly convenient ways. However, in order to get most out of the web add-ins one can provide plenty of additional features to your browser. There is a number of additional plug-ins available for various browsers. Out of the internet browsers available, the Internet Explorer from Microsoft has more number of plugins to be used as compared to other browsers of same kind.

A Bug Tracking Tool Helps Development Teams Stay On Top of Testing Results

Development projects include an extensive amount of tasks outside of the actual coding portion of the workload. The process does not stop after a developer has completed the code necessary for a single function or even the entire portion of a program. These items are passed to engineers or evaluated by the development team to ensure each function is providing expected results.

Bug Tracking Tools: Choosing the Right Product

Selecting a bug tracking tool to meet the particular needs of a development team takes time and a thorough evaluation. A variety of tools are available from companies across the globe. How does an organization know what option will work best for improving developer productivity or application quality?

Web Based Testing Tools: Keeping Problems at Bay for a Better User Experience

Software testing is an essential procedure for providing a reliable and secure product to individual consumers or business clients. Every internet software package and site requires a certain degree of analysis to validate proper operation. Areas of high importance include…

Web Based Issue Tracking Delivers an Affordable Solution to Organizations

Web applications have taken hold as consumers recognize the cost and usage benefits of this option. An Internet based program can be accessed with a browser. This option decreases the amount of hardware needed to utilize a piece of software.

Defect Management Practices Prevent Software Bugs From Reaching the Customer

Defect is a common term seen in the area of application creation or enhancement and represents a complication within a new or existing piece of software. It can also refer to an issue with a product in the manufacturing industry; however, this article focuses on defect management and program creation. Complications arise throughout each phase of development with testing having the most pull in regards to issue monitoring.

Network Administration: An Essential Role In Business Operations

Network administration is the process of maintaining computer units that comprise a network. Networks are essential in the information systems in most business operations of corporations and organizations. Hence, the help of network administrators is critical nowadays.

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