16. Unix Tutorial – Vi Editor – Part – III

How IT Startups Can Benefit From Business Consultants

When a technically well groomed IT specialist finally decides that he will start his own business, then it is certainly a very challenging and budget overriding process. An external IT consulting company can prove to be very helpful for one’s association to steer and to undergo the period of transition in a very effective way.

How Small Businesses Can Secure Cloud Data

Both small and large sized business enterprises are now taking considerable steps in order to revolutionize the method they manage information and data of the company by employing the technology of Netezza cloud computing. It is not possible to overlook this fact that the inception of cloud tech has completely changed the information technology’s landscape in most of the business enterprises. It essentially revamped those resources through which the information is managed, which has not only diminished the overall costs, but also made operations less complicated.

Converting Units Is Now Easy With Online Conversion Tools

Can you just convert and calculate 337 kilos to pound? Maybe you would need a calculator for this, or if you are good at calculations, you will simply use the equation 1 kg equals to 2.2 lbs, so 377 kilos will be something around 741.4 lbs. Multiplying 377 to 2.2 is not an easy task for everyone. In general, you would need a calculator for this, and above all, you need to remember, how many pounds are there in 1 kilogram.

Why You Should Consider Tossing Out Your Fax Machine

Faxing is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Now that society has access to more technologically advanced products, why not consider tossing out the old and coming in with the new? Here are reasons why you should ditch your fax machine.

How to Win at LIMS – Selecting the Right Software

Successful LIMS Implementation: It’s not as Easy as Selecting the “Right” Piece of Software. Many LIMS Implementations fail for reasons you’re not aware of.

Cloud Computing Services – Where Does the Flexibility End?

Cloud companies today are already way beyond what they aspired to be, say around 5 years ago. In recent times, cloud is no longer restricted to off-site computing for enterprises, and is more than just a medium of data backup for consumers.

The Microsoft Mainframe

Each other year I have the bi-annual trip to the financial department to put my case forward for an upgrade of the Microsoft software. The last upgrade was up to Windows 2008 which since then I have been struggling to find any financial/system reason to change. The fit for purpose test and the cost benefit test means has stopped the progress when it comes to Microsoft products. The office range of products have also been hit by the fact that I cannot produce any reason why these products need to be upgraded and in fact the last upgrade took place was due to a customer producing documents in a new version than the one we were using which meant we had to upgrade to remain a supplier.

Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Diagrams

Originating as sub-dialect of Unified Modeling Language (UML), Systems Modeling Language (SysML) covers a broader range of systems. The system model can involve personnel, facilities, hardware or electrical components.

Excel Tip – Using The Workday Function To Calculate Status Of An SLA

This article will explain how to use the WORKDAY function combined with the IF function to calculate how many work days have elapsed from one date to another date. I don’t know about you, but our IT department at work has a Service Level Agreement(SLA) turnaround time of eight days. That is eight working days, so we cannot really chase them for any updates until that time has elapsed. So how can we quickly work out with Excel how long it has been since we logged the call and if the incident is still within our outside of the agreed SLA?.

Judge Any Product With the Help of Its POS System in the Market

POS or point of sale may be defined as the time and place where a retail transaction is executed. ECR is an important tool in this respect. How was ECR controlled?

Custom Software for Businesses, the Light and the Dark

Technology is an ever evolving landscape. As businesses switch to more customized software, the pros and cons are laid bare.

Requirements and Benefits of Test Advisory Services

Initiating a transformation in business without planning can highly marginalize its outcome. Test Advisory Services (TAS) helps to find the bottlenecks in the system and exposes the vulnerability of the processes, guiding organizations for innovative solutions.

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