2 Essential Gaming Utilities for Linux

Addressing the Challenge of Truancy in Higher Education Using the Hyflex Course Model

Truancy has been an age long problem confronting various tertiary institutions across the world. The causes may not be deliberate. Sometimes, the causes of truancy are as a result of work, family responsibilities, geographical and time barriers. To address this abysmal attitude, I recommend a technologically -induced model known as the HyFlex Course Model.

5 Crazy Startup Ideas That Paid Off

Startup ideas initiate after looking for problems, and preferably problems people have themselves. These are actually what the founder themselves wish for, what they themselves can build, and what few others realize are worth doing.

Custom iPad App Development – Experience the Technology

The iPad is one of the most preferred tablets used around the world. Users like the stable and secure operating system and the fact that they can do so much with the iPad.

New Usage Reports for SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer & Skype

Understanding how employees in your company use Office 365 is imperative in helping to drive more usage and getting the best value from your Office 365 investment. The Office 365 admin center now has a new reporting dashboard to help give IT greater visibility across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and Yammer. The usage reports and reporting dashboard allow you to easily monitor your service and identify opportunities and issues. It gives you metrics to use in reporting to management about your Office 365 investment. The reporting portal also provides a full picture across all main Office 365 services.

Tips To Set Up A Gmail Account Fast And Easy

Email is one of the best communication solutions and it can help you reach your near and dear ones with just a click. Featuring powerful tools alongside full customization options, you can find all components required for efficient correspondence and effective organization.

Snapchat Memories: The New Feature of Snapchat

Snapchat has introduced a new unique feature called ‘Snapchat Memories’ that allows users to hold on to their videos and photos for a bit longer than before. It is a shareable and searchable library of snaps that can be accessed within the application.

How Monitoring Web Page Changes Helps Your Cause

The advent of the internet has paved the path for an extensive array of technological innovations which have streamlined complex day-to-day tasks. Apart from this, it has widened the scope of outreach to the targeted audience by both big and small scale businesses.

3 Important Reasons Why to Buy the ESET Antivirus

It has been quite a while since someone mentioned the name ESET; the Slovakian organization faced an obvious difficulty regarding their status in the previous couple of years. In any case, they are back with a new type of their antivirus, with numerous additional elements that adapt well in the present age. The most up to date version offers a capable layer of defense from most of the regular PC treats on the web. The software is mostly helpful for the new PC users, who face malware consistently. Virus protection aside, the product secures clients while they are on the web, by blocking phishing attacks and filtering email for treats. In the event that you are a novice in the IT universe, check out these three reasons why you ought to get ESET NOD32.

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Used to Live Our Lives in Past

Technology has changed the way we used to live our lives in past. Now technology and science are eating up the world. If wee wants to fight with this fast changing world we have to be ready for it? But the big question is how?

Overclocking Nvidia’s New GTX 1080 Graphics Card

For those of you lucky enough to own the new GTX 1080 graphics card Nvidia introduced GPU boost 3.0 which is best explained by first understanding the GP boost 2.0. With 2.0 your graphics card would dynamically change its frequency across a linear frequency offset curve.

Latest Software Development Trends That You Should Look For This Year

Software development has evolved at a great pace in the past few years and with it the market competition is also increasing at a tremendous pace. It is important for the professionals to keep themselves updated and also work on self-improvement.

10 iPhone Photo Editing Apps to Edit Pictures

The iPhone has a high quality camera but some camera apps can make it more interesting. In this article, I have discussed about top photo editing apps. These apps are good for making quality pictures.

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