23. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – Boolean and String Operators

Print Management Software, Worth It or Not?

The modern day business is becoming increasingly interested in the ability to ‘track’ – and we’re not talking the one you run on. SMART objectives, quantitative KPI’s and Return on investment are increasingly at the forefront of every strategic business decision within the modern market place – we want to be able to answer the questions: Will it be worth it? and Was it worth it?

What to Look for in a Document Management System?

No matter whether you have a small organization or you run a large-scale enterprise with a lot of employees and your business generates a lot of document, you might feel absolutely puzzled to manage all those. In a situation like this, using a document management system might turn out to be extremely beneficial for you.

Move From Exchange To Office 365

Many business owners are interested in moving from a hosted Exchange platform to Office 365. This cloud-based system is Microsoft’s latest office messaging offering, and it can provide a number of benefits that help companies run more smoothly.

8 Major Real Estate Investment Software Programs

If you believe that investing in real estate is the same as for every other business and you do not need any support, then you’re absolutely wrong. Before investing in the real estate market, you need convenient tools to start with. Here is a list of some of the best real estate investing software programs.

Excel Tip – Use VLOOKUP to Return Multiple Values Horizontally

This article will show you how to return multiple values from one VLOOKUP Excel formula. Let’s say we have customers who have more than one piece of equipment, but we want to return the serial numbers of all those pieces of equipment using the VLOOKUP formula. Normally customers have one item that we want to match, so a normal VLOOKUP fits our needs but some have more than one. We need to do a bit more with our VLOOKUP and turn up the volumes on this formula.

Capture and Benchmark of On-Screen Video Performance Using Fraps

Fraps performs video recording and benchmarking in real time from DirectX and OpenGL games and applications. It captures on-screen video and audio, adds timestamps and counters, and benchmarks frames per second, frame times, and minimum and maximum averages. It saves screenshots as JPG, TGA, JPG or PNG files, with optional frame rate overlays and reproduces screen capture. It can also be used as screen recording software.

Fraps – An Advanced Video Capture Tool

Fraps is a versatile application and works on almost all versions of Windows including Windows 7 64-bit. It is mainly used as a video capture utility. It records gameplay on Windows systems running DirectX or OpenGL. Fraps is able to record at different frame rates and resolutions. It works as real-time video capture software with full audio features. Fraps can capture video games, screen activity, webcam streams, and online videos.

Software on the Cloud: A Revolutionary New Business Model

Availability of financing and leasing for SAAS and cloud computing solutions. Stop paying for software out of pocket use leasing as a tool to help break the cost down in monthly increments.

Barcode Software For Book Stores

Barcode software has been specifically devised to understand the individual challenges of those who need to barcode books. These days, the market is rife with such software but how does one know which one to go with and which of them is legitimate? Also, customers are often confused as to how to use this software, so here’s an understanding of how to use barcode software for book stores.

Migrating From Exchange Server 2010 to Office 365

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 was released in November 2009 and is currently the most widely deployed version of Exchange in the world. The decision on when to migrate to Office 365 comes down to weighing up two factors: the age of the hardware platform on which your Exchange Server is based and the expected growth of staff numbers at your organization over the next 12 months.

Personal Information Managers: A Closer Look at Them

It is a breathless situation for modern individuals struggling to juggle between their professional and personal lives. A mindful of mental occupation is difficult to handle if not assisted properly.

Password Management Software: A Detailing of How They Function

Safety through the Internet is not a fully plausible option when it comes to sensitive information stored on system hard drives. Thankfully, this is the red alert of yesterdays.

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