26. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – WHILE and FOR loop conditions

Your Company Needs Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are the future of all businesses. Whether we’re talking about doctors and hospitals or software companies themselves, the mobile device and its capabilities are on the rise.

Excel Tip – Calculating A Rolling Or Moving Average Using The OFFSET Function

Calculating moving averages can be a really useful way to look at trends in your data, and we can easily set up a formula in Excel to always look at the last 3 or 6 or any numbers of months in your data. They are one of the most used an popular indicators. The best place to start is by understanding the most basic type of trend the simple moving average (SMA). No matter how long or short of a moving average you are looking to plot and track, the basic calculations remain the same time and time again. Let’s work through an example in this article.

Learn to Draw With AutoCAD Training Courses

There are many different types of designs that every architect will be coming up with. They have a lot of different things that they have to be sure of when they are coming up with a special design. AutoCAD training courses are going to help them learn how to make the best drawings of their creations.

Five Features Of Windows 7

An operating system is like the life of your Central Processing Unit. The operating system is what coordinates the working of the applications on your computer. Windows 7 is an operating system by Microsoft.

Top 5 IT Equipment Myths – II

Below you will find another Top 5 IT Equipment Myths as espoused by some small to medium sized businesses. You’ll also find a corrective reality check underneath each of them!

How ERP Cloud Accounting Software Streamlines Your Business

ERP Cloud Accounting Software can offer any business limitless scalability and flexibility in its day-to-day operations. These benefits can stretch budgets and enable employees to work together smoothly and remotely.

4 Tips On Online Task Management

Online task management is more effective than conventional practices. Online task management makes more sense in an increasingly mobile world. Today, all teams working on a project are not always based within the same premises.

Understanding Of Barcode Software Technology

Standing at a grocery counter, all your groceries must definitely have gone through a barcode scanner. The counter person reads the barcode on each product with a barcode scanner after which the resulting data is sent to the computer. The computer, in turn, refers to the database for the price and description of each product.

Re-Invent Your Habit of Dairy Entry With Diary Software Programs

With innumerable dairy software programs diary entry can be a fun and enjoyable experience. The majority of these programs are password protected ensuring security of the entries made.

Manage Professional Life With Ease by Using Notes Management Software Programs

With the inception of several notes management software programs, managing information, whether personal or official, has become easier. These software programs come with multiple features for the ease of use.

Time Managers: Helping to Make Maximum Utilization of Time

With so many time management software programs managing time efficiently is now possible. These software programs allow you to keep tab on things, thereby enabling you to make maximum utilization of time.

Excel Tip COUNTIFS With Multiple Criteria In Excel

This article is inspired by a question I was asked by a website visitor. The question was along the lines of how to count a number of items in a list that met more than one criteria, for example how many orders of Beannie_H hats were for Size Large. The two criteria being for hats called Beannie_H and Size Large. The easiest way to answer these type of questions is with the COUNTIFS function in Excel. This article will walk you through an example.

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