28. Unix Tutorial – Control Statements in Unix

Responsive E-Commerce Design in Mobile Application Development

The web today is the Prime Dominant medium in B2B company-customer interactions and communication. And now we’ve experienced the global tipping point-what is one of the biggest shifts since the Internet began with mobile web browsing surpassing PC usage for the first time. Smart Devices have changed the approach towards design and user experience.

Secure Browser – The Solution for Navigating on Interactive Terminals/Kiosks in Public Locations

A secure web browser is used especially for internet navigation in public locations. The secure web browser starts after the operating system has loaded, is covering the desktop of the operating system and protects against malicious users.

Cyberwar – How Might It Affect Your Business?

Cyberwar is a reality. It’s not just restricted to areas such as defence either – it could spill over into your business organisation.

Business Telecom Products Provide Convenience for Customer Service Departments

When someone is trying to multi-task, they need to make sure that they have the equipment that makes their job easier to do. It is not always easy for people to communicate over the phone and be able to type information into their computers.

Report Automation: Overcoming the Most Recognized Bottlenecks

What part of your marketing research reporting can you expect to be able automate? We think 70 to 80% is certainly doable, but it is better to keep your expectations realistic. We also think there are more bottlenecks to report automation and have written this article about them. Hope these insights will be useful to the market research professionals seeking to automate their MR reporting processes.

Why Should Your Retail Business Have a Mobile App: Some Lessons From South Korea?

Mobile application developers and retailers can borrow few elements of the South Korean way of mobile commerce and online shopping. Mobile application development technology should be based on the understanding of segmentation of consumers and the underlying factors that affect purchase behaviour across different technological platforms. Online shopping is different from mobile shopping in many respects. The demographic profile, economic profile and tastes of consumers vary across the web and mobile platforms. For mobile app development to create value to the end user these factors need to be kept in mind while designing the app.

How Mobile Application Technology Is Creating Value for Brick and Mortar Retailers

Retail industry is driven by the metric of returns on investment. The digital strategy of retailers is also influenced by the same. Thus any effort to embrace technology like mobile application development and web application development will be based purely on the assessment of online conversions of traffic in to sales. The measurement of sales volume generated online holds the key to crafting an economically viable online strategy. Thus mobile application development companies need to offer mobile and web applications development services backed by web, mobile and social analytics to measure and manage online business growth.

Tips for Efficient Application Modernization That Can Create Value for Business

An application modernization service is much beyond technology. The secret to successful application modernization lies in backing it with identification of key result areas, impact analysis, cost estimation, scheduling and project planning. This enables businesses to derive value by creating a framework for measurement of returns on investment and put in place a strategy for overhauling their digital business model in a systematic manner.

How Can Application Migration and Integration Services Hike Returns on Investment?

Application development for smart phones, tablets and desktops requires engagement of resources, processes and capabilities on a consistent basis. The core competence of a business is to do what it does best. Application development, integration, modernization and maintenance services need to be managed from a centralized point for a business to thrive in the digital space. By moving from legacy applications and modernizing apps businesses can keep the flow intact and engage with end users consistently and deliver superior digital experience.

Why Do Your IT Software Systems Fail?

Software problems can be a source of huge frustration and occasionally major business disruption, with all the associated expense that entails. Here you will see, in very basic terms, why these problems can sometimes arise and what you might be able to do to avoid them.

How Does A Project Management Software Help Project Collaboration

Efficient project collaboration is one of the key ingredients to success. Any project would need a certain diverse set of skills and in all likelihood there would be more than one or two teams working on the same project. These teams need to collaborate, work separately on their respective niches and yet have collective delivery as one team.

How To Choose A Project Management Software

There are many types of project management software out there. Some are free and some need you to pay a onetime or an annual fee. Some project management software cater to specific industries while some are generic and can be used in any industry.

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