31. Unix Tutorial – Top 20 useful Unix commands

How to Move From Waterfall to Agile Software Development – 5 Helpful Tips

Changing from waterfall software development to agile takes thoughtful planning and training. Not only does it involve a change in process but it also requires new ways of communicating, scheduling and managing work. Whether you are in the middle of a shift from waterfall to agile, or are just thinking about it, read this article for some helpful tips to make the transition easier.

What Are the Prerequisites of an Efficient Salesforce Consultant?

Businesses are now desperately looking for Salesforce Consultants to achieve their Salesforce development needs. There are certain key qualities to look in to before selecting the right Salesforce Partner.

How Mobile Application Development Can Benefit The Rural Customer?

Mobile application development services like Android business software and Windows business software can enable business enterprises to connect to millions of offline customers in rural areas. Smart phones are hand held devices that allow for information exchange between individuals and institutions. Smart phones loaded with mobile applications of utilities, financial and insurance services can empower rural customers. Cost efficient mobile app development combined with robust business and technology consulting can enable penetration of these markets and consequently social and economic up gradation of these communities.

Multiple Connectivity Modes With Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control is the new age technology that has revolutionized attendance and access systems like never before. The age of swapping cards and proxy punching is long gone and now all organizations are adopting this new technology which uses various human traits such as fingerprint scanning, retina scanning and facial recognitions in place of swapping cards and passwords.

Let’s Get Fantastically Lost in eLearning Navigation Design

Are you in the midst of designing an elearning navigation structure for your courses and looking for REALISTIC ways to NOT scare your poor unsuspecting learners? If content is King then eLearning navigation is the secret skeleton key to the entire on-the-job training kingdom.

No More Of That Annoying Feeling Of Forgetting Your Password Again

Remembering a lot of passwords is quite an annoying job. It is often impossible to remember passwords of many different accounts when you have a lot of things to work with. In addition to online accounts and IDs, you might feel the need of storing your license number, bank account information, product activation codes, etc. too.

Laravel, the PHP Framework With the Most Robust Features

Nowadays, there are some great PHP frameworks that have come forth into play. CakePHP, Symfony, ZEND, CodeIgniter, Yii, Kohana, Laravel etc are some of this PHP framework family.

How Enterprise Application Development Can Digitize the Value Chain

Digitization of value chain is an all encompassing framework of business that includes systems, strategy, organizational structure and collaboration. The most efficient and effective tool to achieve digitization across the value chain is mobile application development for smart phones. Smart phones are hand held devices and hence personalized. Communication of real time information and usage of big data transforms the customer valued experience and thus adds to the bottom line.

Excel Tip – Add Cumulatively In Excel

Let’s look at creating cumulative total in Excel, also sometimes referred as a running total. Here is a step by step guide.

Challenges for a Mobile App Development Company

There is no doubt that the future of mobile app development is very bright. The number of apps is exploding, driven by a huge uptick in the number of mobile devices – and people are using those apps all day long. People’s usage of apps doesn’t change much with the time of day. “I wonder, some people never sleep!”

Introduction to CAD Software

Computer aided design, frequently referred to as CAD, is a software that engineers and architects use for designing three-dimensional items. They use this software to fashion new products or to get a better understanding of products already available. Though most frequently used while working with profiles, CAD software comes with all the customary symbols needed for making practical drawings plus schematics.

Be The Lady Who Gets Things Done On Time With A Planner Software

Ladies are proving with time that they are just as tough and hardworking as men. They have jumped in almost all the fields of work to stand side by side with men and work like them. Salaries given to women are often a hot debate when compared to what men are paid for the same jobs.

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