33. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – Quoting Meta characters

Excel Tip – Stop The N/A! Error in VLOOKUP

The VLOOKUP formula is one powerful formula and is definitely one of my top ten formulas I recommend you to have in your Excel took kit. VLOOKUP is actually classified as a database function in Excel meaning that it works with database tables – or to put it more simply, lists of things in an Excel worksheet, it searches down the first column of a range for a key and returns the value of a specified cell in the row found. Learn how to deal with the #N/A error when no match is found.

Migrating From Exchange Server 2003 to Office 365

Migrating from Exchange Server 2003 to Office 365 is a very sound business decision. However it is also one that can only be successfully achieved provided there is a very clear technical understanding of the version restrictions that exist.

Types of OLAP Servers

“What kinds of OLAP servers exist?” OLAP servers present business users with multidimensional data from data warehouse or data marts, without concerns regarding how or where the data are stored. There are the intermediate servers that stand in between a relational back-end server and client front-end tools.

Introduction to VPS Hosting

The majority of hosting services require the storage of data and files on servers, which are basically pieces of hardware that a datacenter houses. One type of hosting service has a shared housing where your site remains alive on one server in the company of numerous other sites, their number running into thousands. All these sites share the same resources.

Excel Tip – Generate Random Dates With RANDBETWEEN and DATE Functions In Excel

The knowledge of how to generate random data in Excel is a useful tool to have. Whether it is to test functions, formulas or a spreadheet solution, having access to or generating a lot of data to work with to really give Excel a good workout. I generate a lot of, or find sources of free data to use as dummy data, but it does not always include date data or date fields. So here is how to generate some random dates in Excel.

Why Should A Company Indulge In Web Based Project Management?

Project management entails all the processes that a company has to work on. Right from the initial discussions with the client laying out the ground rules to the completion of the entire project, the task as a whole would have to be managed at a micro and at a macro level. The different teams will obviously be responsible for the micromanagement and there will be a manager or the company should have a system for the macro-management of the entire project.

Excel Tip – VLOOKUPS in Excel Without an Exact Match to Calculate Sales Commissions

Sometimes you do not actually want an exact match on a VLOOKUP. I know most times when using VLOOKUPS we do want that exact match, but what if we want to look up the correct commission rate or tax rate, based upon what earnings or commissions band a particular value falls into?. This is easily handled by the VLOOKUP formula, once you understand the last optional argument or TRUE or FALSE.

Safe Practices to a Document Management System

Information technology (IT) gave birth to paper-less organizations. What was formerly a lump of papers to be signed have now become electronic documents to approve tickets or validate transactions.

What You Should Know About Hiring an App Development Company

Many of you might be thinking of developing a mobile app. but do you know how to proceed. This article is based on important points that one should consider while hiring an app development company.

Develop Your Custom Software Application Based on SDLC Model

Software application development is performed based on Software Development Life Cycle to fulfill the specific need of Businesses. Software application development is performed, by following the SDLC model. This helps in meeting the client’s specific need. At times the developer fails to meet the clients requirement due to changing technical need, even by following the complete procedure.

Computer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your PC in Top Form

When you operate a business the last thing you want to experience is continuous issues with your PC. Your PC is your ticket to business success, whether you wish to develop an email marketing campaign, maintain top social media management or make use of other online marketing strategies. Maintaining your PC is absolutely essential and has never been easier with these top computer maintenance tips:

Questions to Ask When You Hire Magento Developers

When you decide to hire Magento Developers, there are a number of things you would want to know. Here, we discuss a few questions that you absolutely must ask and must know about the team you hire.

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