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What to Avoid When Outsourcing Software Development Projects

Outsourcing software development projects is a growing trend with a wide range of benefits that includes reduced costs, pool of software development companies to select from and many more. Having access to talented software developers, well trained in the most updated technologies can often be tough, but outsourcing may offer a much better market with bigger talent pool to choose from.

Streamlining Back Office Functions – Nowhere More Necessary Than in Accounts Payable

Businesses are increasingly looking to streamline back office functions. From CEOs to CFOs to department heads across the organisation comes the drive to unlock profit and improve productivity with efficient processing – reducing cost and enabling optimum focus of resources. Nowhere is this more necessary than in Accounts Payable (AP) where departments are manually processing high volumes of paper.

How Microsoft Azure Is Gaining Market Share in Cloud Services, and How to Optimize for It

Amazon has been the undisputed leader in cloud services for some time now, but it looks like Microsoft is edging in. If you’re thinking about adopting Microsoft Azure, there may be some pain in your future — but then again, there might not be if you anticipate and plan for it. Here’s what you need to know.

Advantages of Paperless Office Software

With the advancement in technologies, people are becoming more aware now; they look for different ways to speed up their business management. In the digital era now, people like to finish their tasks instantaneously. If your office is still based on the traditional system of piling number of papers for work, then you need to adopt paperless office software. It will also help with the progression of your business.

Social Media Defining CRM Landscape

With enhanced participation of marketing through the social media platforms, there has been an increase in technology related spending by marketing departments in an organization. A large part of this has to do with implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems that incorporate various social media platforms for marketing communication. This can be termed as Social CRM.

Project Management Software Reviews

In this article, you will get the information about the best Project Management Software running in the market. It is very helpful for the new businessman who is going to start their business.

Which Are the Best Frameworks for HTML 5 Mobile App Development?

Responsive HTML 5 frameworks is one stop solution for programmers as they get to develop responsive HTML 5 websites with some easy steps. Designers utilize these open source HTML 5 frameworks and never face cross compatibility errors.

iPage Web Hosting Brand Review

In need of web host services? Don’t know where to start to look or know what brand to trust? Here is a brief review of iPage Web Hosting Services that will answer any basic questions any consumer may have.

How SharePoint Help Businesses in Managing Their Work

With the advancement in technologies the way the businesses work it also got transformed. Here I am sharing how SharePoint deployment will make sense for your organization.

Improve Your Business With Project Management Collaboration

Project management collaboration – One the key element of any successful project is collaboration. Whether it’s internally within the company or organization, or with outside partners; collaborating is essential to any project. From small 5 person team projects to large, multi-organizational projects dividing up a project between selected individuals or groups can greatly expedite the project while ensuring that it all comes together to produce a high quality result.

Getting Things Accomplished From Anywhere When Using A Project Management Application

Project management application – Everywhere you look people are using more and more mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones, iPods, BlackBerry’s etc. all keep us occupied thought the day.

Application Security Testing – Protecting Your Application From Threats

A mobile app is vulnerable to a security threat just like any other program. With evolution of a large number of apps that require storing and sharing sensitive data such as bank and credit card information, health related data, and personal ID’s to make transactions. This has made security testing for mobile applications more important. It is essential to identify the threat and figure out how to protect your mobile app against it. Conducting a test without awareness about security is next to impossible.

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