39. Unix Tutorial – Shell Functions – Part II

Benefits Of Setting Up An Offshore Development Center In India

India is among those few locations where outsourcing companies get several advantages, helping them fulfill their business objectives. They find India an “outsourcing-friendly” destination. Global businesses thus choose India over other developing countries for their outsourcing needs to achieve faster growth and an advantage over their competitors.

How Can Your Business Benefit by Using Analytic Services?

Huge volumes of data is being churned out from multiple sources such as enterprise applications, social-media, mobile and internet, that too at a rapid pace. This sheer volume and variety of data can actually turn out to be overwhelming for enterprises that are under high pressure to make informed decisions that too while responding in real-time.

Excel Charting Tips – How To Deal With Missing Data In Your Excel Charts

When you are creating a line chart in Excel, any missing data points or blank cells are not plotted on the chart, which therefore leaves gaps in the chart. Missing or blank cells do throw up a few questions, do you want to plot them as zero?, or do you have true gaps in your data and which is actually true and reflective of your data set?.

Know About the MATLAB Environment

MATLAB is revolutionizing software that introduced the fourth generation programming concept. The application of MATLAB is inevitable in today’s world of embedded systems and prototype based manufacturing strategies. There is a greater need to know about the MATLAB for its exceptional benefits.

Project Management App on Your Mobile Device

Juggling the various responsibilities of a project is the job of the project manager. However, that doesn’t mean they have to do it alone. Thanks to the wonderful innovations of the 21st century managing a project or projects is a whole lot easier.

Cloud Hosting Services Address Valuable Data Backup and Storage Issues

Cloud hosting services empower companies to benefit from secured data backup and bring out best results from numerous server computational assets. With the emergence of avant garde technology, there is no complexity in accessing resources provided that you are supported with digital networks like the Internet, WAN, etc. Then again, a large portion of the profoundly created gadgets, for example, tablet PCs, Smartphone and Notebooks are utilized to access network connectivity.

Make Your Trade Legal and Effective With Online Tools

The export business is changing in the recent days. Now, most of the companies offer online tools to screen the trade parties and end-users of the products. The online applications are user-friendly and reliable.

Interested in Agile Software Development? 5 Terms You Should Know About Agile Programming

When it comes to custom software development, the agile methodology is becoming increasingly popular. The traditional waterfall model is not always as effective for teams interested in maximizing collaboration and making product changes during development. Not surprisingly, the agile approach comes with its own unique terminology. Follow along to learn more about 5 common terms used in agile software development.

Enterprise and Software Product Testing Lead to Success Path

Products that have interesting and innovative features always taste the fruit of success. But to achieve the fortune, they must come through extensive testing, and research and development modes.

Why Having a Video in Your Website Is Necessary and How You Can Create Videos Yourself

Having videos on your website will increase your online and offline sales tremendously. This article will provide you some insights into the benefits of having videos in your website. Many people do not appreciate the value and persuasive power of videos and visual medias.

How to Decide Between SaaS CRM Software and On-Premise CRM Software Deployment

The potential benefit of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for business has made implementing and integrating CRM solutions almost mandatory. CRM has enabled greater reach and improvement in service delivery to customers and personalization. The CRM can assist in applying analytics to customer data, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Streamline Communication With Online Project Management

Online project management – Projects of all shape and sizes need someone to keep them on track and organized. This is where a project manager comes in. Thankfully with the advent of technology and communication you can manage multiple projects all from the comfort of your home.

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