40. Unix Tutorial – Shell Man Help Page

Aspects That Make TSM Beneficial For Enterprises

Effective storage manager is a need in today’s date for enterprises. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is one such name that comes with effective backup and restore features. This software can easily manage the challenges faced by enterprises.

Windows Server 2003 Is Retiring – What Are the Options?

What does Microsoft mean when they say Windows Server 2003 is retiring? Read on to know about everything regarding the retirement of Windows Server 2003 and the available options.

Understanding the Difference Between Enterprise Startups and Consumer Startups

The direction of any start-up is defined by a number of decisions. One major decision being whether it is going to be an enterprise or a consumer start-up organization. Enterprise start-ups are talked about globally. Many companies foray into it owing to the financial attraction and tremendous opportunities of the enterprise technology market. Various companies have launched successful public offerings in the enterprise market.

Roles of the CRM Application in Defining Sales Strategy

The importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can be attributed to its role in enhancing sales by targeting the correct audience. CRM taps into customer data to reach out to them via improved marketing communication.

Opportunity Areas of Technology Start-Ups in 2015

There has been an increased takeover of start-ups across multiple industries. Many corporations are associating with start-up technology vendors to cut costs and increase operational efficiency. Opportunities for tech start-ups to revolutionize the future lies in specific industries.

Software Project Management: Going From Good to Great

When it comes to software development, good project management is a key to success. While there are a variety of approaches to project management, successful managers tend to share some commonalities. Read this article for some of the keys to go from good to great when managing a project.

Online Oracle Training Vs Classroom Oracle Training

With the advancements in technology, companies are increasingly turning to online training in place of classroom training as a means of saving money and time. A lot of resources are required to conduct classroom training, not to mention the time away from work to attend classroom training.

Positive Ways to Make Maximum Use of Photoshop Action Scripts

For your on-line business, it is better to know some essential things to begin with. As an entrepreneur, naturally you are more concerned with the sale of your product. Of course, the product you want to introduce in the market should be of the latest origin having all the basic qualities for a good product. Next is the introduction of your product in the market. In the introductory note a clear description should be given with beautiful displays and attractive comments. Your product can be made beautiful in attractive shapes and forms. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” began John Keats his poem, “Endymion”. It is so because visual beauty covers 80% of the human sensation. It is perhaps better, also to remember innovative ideas sell well. The article you read in the recent past stands in your memory with a perfect analytical strength.

How to Identify The Basic Differences Between The Terms “Update” and “Upgrade”?

The words “update” and “upgrade”, though interchanged quite frequently, have different meanings. Most people are not aware of this fact which often results in miscommunication. This post aims at distinguishing between both the terms so as to avoid technical issues that arise due to such miscommunication.

Top Tips for A Successful ERP Implementation

There was a time when manufacturing was considered to be as good as a donkey’s job. This is because there was extensive effort involved in doing the task and maintaining the record. However, the advancement of technology has changed all of this.

How to Find a Quality Non-Profit Software

Just like government agencies, even non-profit agencies need a software system that will allow them to handle hundreds of caseloads and keep workers updated on all the important cases they are handling at the same time. This is where a specifically designed software will come in handy. If you are looking for the right software to use for your agency, then there are a few good options of non-profit management tools on the market worth considering.

Excel Formula Tip – Calculate How Many Days Until The End Of A Sales Campaign Using IF and DATEDIF

This was a question sent to me by one of my website visitors. How can I calculate how many days until the end of a campaign? Simple enough to begin with as we can calculate the difference between today’s date and the end date of the campaign. But what if the campaign had not yet started… ah hah, I feel an IF formula approaching… and let’s mix it with the DATEDIF formula.

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