41. Unix Tutorial – Important Useful commands

What Makes A Good PDF API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it can be defined as a set of protocols, tools and routines for the building of software applications. The API can determine the functionalities of an application and therefore can vary in different application needs. The creation of PDF from raw HTML code and web pages require the use of a professional API in different application. You however must make the right choice as far as the programming interface is concerned to enjoy an easy time with your creation. What then makes a good API for your PDF needs?

Native, Web Or Hybrid App – Points of Difference

Agile methodology of software development is gaining importance due to its innovative nature. Project managers and industry leaders are adopting it fast. Simultaneous existence of Agile and traditional project management methodologies is very much possible as outlined in my earlier article titled ‘Techniques to Foster Coexistence between Traditional and Agile Methodology for Software Development’.

The Right Project Management Tools

Project management tools have one supreme function! They are meant to make your job easier. If they are not making your job easier and you look at the tools as just another burdensome task than you are not using the right tools.

What Has Java Mobile Application Development Got in Store for Businesses

Few years ago, mobile applications might not have been as important as they are today. Nowadays we have mobile application for just about everything, from paying utility bills and mobile banking to rent a cab and shop online.

Challenges Due to Agile Implementation and Integration With Traditional Systems

Managers in an organization face challenges when they try implementing the agile system off software development. Especially in an organization that has been following the waterfall approach. Although they may find small projects easier to handle with agile, they find it hard to scale up the agile technique for large projects.

Causes of IT Project Management Failure and Probable Solutions

Projects by nature are not systemic. They do not involve repetitive work and processes. Every project is unique and involves widespread team players. Each project has a fixed start and end schedule. This makes management and systemization all the more challenging. These challenges typically surround projects not being completed within the scheduled date, exceeding the budget and going out of scope. Various issues lead to an IT project failure.

Excel Tip – How To Freeze Your Excel Formula

In this article I want to talk you through not creating a formula but how to manage a formula which is unfinished, but which you do not want to lose when you have to pause your train of thought, or are interrupted by a co worker or colleague. I know that I have many times been in the middle of a complex formula and been disturbed by a colleague, or need to move away for Excel to do something else. I am sure you have sometimes been deep in thought working through your logic of using Excel to…

CRM – Its Need, Benefits and the Migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

‘Customer is the king of the market’, and hence for every business to survive this cut throat competition a proper system is required which maintains a good relation with their customers. The habit of maintaining good relations with customers dates back to time immemorial, but as time changed this concept gained a lot of importance and a new subject, a new field of study emerged in the name of Customer Relationship Management. To be successful in this competitive business world it has become complicated to manage customer relations due to rapidly changing market trends.

Finding The Best CRM Software In The Market Today

Running a business is not easy, most especially today. However, you must know that there are technologies you can employ to ensure the smooth flow of your operations.

Debunking Popular Myths About WAN Optimization

WAN optimization technology has been around for a decade or so, but it has evolved considerably during this time due to both the “cloud” and the overall shift to “virtual” networks environments. As a result, many misperceptions surround WAN optimization today. Let’s take a look at some of the more common myths about WAN optimization.

Oracle Applications Training

There are two types of Oracle applications training – system training and process training. System training covers the basic functionality of the application, what I can form and function. A user will get introduced to the different screens they will encounter and the basic functionality provided by the application.

Export Software: An Effective Tool to Maintain a Good Export Business

Export is becoming an important factor in the recent days. Manual screening entire trade partner database is simply not possible. There are various online tools that screen the parties against the multiple denied and sanctioned party lists.

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