42. Unix Tutorial – Important Unix Commands for daily Use

7 Must-Haves in an Outbound Call Center Software

Customers look to be easily guided and serviced by different communication channels. Apart from attending calls, outbound call centers need to focus on channels like emails, chats and social media posts. So, the blog contains few call center essentials that have become a mandate for business success.

Product Information Management And MRO

Find out what MRO data management and product information management can do for you. The benefits of data management are obvious, and every organization strives to have a linear and retrieval friendly data system. Ensuring data integrity goes a long way in improving efficiency and cutting clutter.

Introducing: SAP ASE Edge Edition – Retiring Sybase ASE SBE

This might be the biggest announcement from SAP you never heard of. After dropping the name Sybase from its product names last year, SAP is quietly reshaping its database platform offerings.

Sybase ASE 15 – Semantic Partitions to the Rescue

At first glance, semantic partitions may only seem to be valuable during maintenance tasks, but a closer look under the covers reveals that there are more benefits than meets the eye. Hash partitioning and even Round-Robin partitioning over many partitions can dramatically improve performance over primary key data access. Rolling range partitions provide the capability to automatically “roll off” archive data, based on date ranges, onto cheaper disk hardware.

Planning to Download Free Software? First Learn How to Avoid Junk Program Installation?

The web is full of traps for beginners. While they try to download free software, by clicking on “Download” buttons, in reality they click on fake links that download bundle of toolbars and other junk software. This article will help you in learning how you can avoid downloading of junks into your system.

Offshore Software Development for Business Convenience

Although mass software development started way back in the 70s and still continuing today, the tenets pertaining to it have changed altogether. Needless to say computers and the highly advanced software running it have made deep inroads to almost all the aspects of human society and continue to influence it each passing day.

Useful Tips to Restore Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is an amazing utility that works wonders with Linux system. The launch of the latest version of Ubuntu seems to fascinate many technology users. However, new versions often seem difficult to work with, and users often want to return. Going back to the previous version of Ubuntu is difficult if you do not know the steps necessary steps.

Project Collaboration – One of The Most Important Jobs of the Project Manager

To say that project collaboration is one of the most important jobs of the project manager is an understatement. Some would say that it is the job of the project manager. The goal of course of any project manager is to insure that a project is completed with in budget and with in the time allocated for the project.

Project Management Software – Ease of Use Is Key

Project management software that is hard to use does not get used. It is that simple. If you are depending on project management software for collaboration, communication and tracking than you have to make sure that it is usable.

Where Have All the Formats Gone?

What if sometime in the not too distant future all your digital files were unusable? Think of the Atari computer. How many people today use one of them? What’s to be done about the disappearing file formats and their content?

Adobe Creative Cloud for Windows: What You Need to Know

There is no argument over the fact that Adobe Creative Cloud for Windows is an incredible service that has been launched by Adobe recently. However, there are a number of myths which have been percolating all over the environment regarding the cloud services by Adobe which must be shunned in order to make sure that more and more people are going to take benefits from the valuable service that has been introduced by Adobe. Taking this into perspective, we have mentioned the myths and have debunked them in the below part of the article.

Chiropractic Management Software Is Essential to Smooth Operations

When a health professional needs to keep operations running smoothly in their office, they will rely on many different types of products. This is something that is going to be extremely important to the patients and to the staff. Chiropractic management software can be a good tool in helping to keep everything going smoothly.

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