5 Most Beautiful Linux Distros 2022

The Legal Complications of BYOD

The hasty adoption of BYOD by enterprises all over the world has created a multitude of problems and grey areas related to the management of such devices. This article discusses some of the key areas of legal concern for companies, which have their root in BYOD implementation.

The Important Acronyms of the Cloud Based Bug Tracker

With today’s technology and resources the many different types of software and acronyms can get confusing. Two of the most common types of software, especially for companies that have employees who work from home are issue tracking software and the cloud based bug tracker. Some businesses might even experience confusion between these two types of software.

What to Know Regarding Cloud Based Bug Tracking Software

The cloud computing system got its name as early as 1994. However, with every new development there are always going to be issues and either issue tracking software or cloud based bug tracking software will help improve those issues. Even with these issues there are always going to be additional concerns when accessing something new.

3D Architectural Rendering Software Programs

It is easier to convince targeted clients to purchase a unit may it be residential or commercial when the business owner is using 3D architectural rendering software tool or program to create image models for his projects. Clients will always want to see the realistic image of the project once construction ends. Using architectural renderings often impresses clients because it gives them a visualization of the building process along with the space and site designs.

Bug and Issue Tracking Software and the Types of Bugs They Track

Ã�  A scientist or a person of the general public might think the term “bug tracking” means following and recording a certain insect from it’s birth through the different phases of its life. Though that might be one definition of the phrase, when software is added to the expression it changes completely and most people, even those who aren’t engineers, know what it means. For those who are still at a loss as to what bug tracking means, its probably easiest to first define what bug means.

How Does Online Bug Tracking Work?

As with all technology, online bug tracking has been changing and improving since the first online bug tracker in 1998, Bugzilla. There has not been an upgrade since Pivotal Tracker in 2008, which made many important enhancements including: an easier way to arrange and rearrange the stories (problems that are recorded), easy one-click transitions, and so on. All of these advancements and improvements mean nothing, however if one does not know how the whole tracking process works in the first place.

5 Top WordPress Plugins You Should Have

It’s one thing to have a WordPress site but its way better to have a WordPress site with plugins. Plugins add functionality, engage readers, improve site performance, gives feedback and protects your site.

Bug Tracking Online and the List of Errors It Reports

Unbelievably, bug tracking online systems, also known as web-based issue tracking systems have been ever changing since the original bug tracking system, Bugzilla in 1998. The history of bug tracking systems, with slight advancements in various fields of each one is as follows: Bugzilla in 1998, Mantis Bug Tracker in 2000, Java introduced JIRA in 2003, in 2006 there were two comparable products known as Trac and Redmine, and Pivotal Tracker in 2008. They all have their differences but one of the biggest similarities includes the bug report.

Web Application Testing and Other Resources Available for Developers

Even when software developers hire the best programmers and provide them with state-of-the-art information technology (IT) resources, they still might need help completing important tasks. Today there are a number of tasks that developers outsource to specialized companies. Two of those tasks are web application testing and the installment of a simple issue tracking system.

Issue and Project Tracking Benefits: Why This Software Is Needed

Employees within an organization are generally tasked with overseeing and maintaining multiple projects at one time. Even the most skilled and organized employees often struggle to stay on the same page. Organizations consequently invest in issue and project tracking software to improve the quality of communication among organizational members.

Will Issue Tracking Software Provide Organizational Benefits?

Issues, defects, and bugs are present in all programs developed by software companies. In fact, most customers have come to expect the presence of errors when using software. This means that for developers, building error-free software is no longer the only priority.

Web Application Testing: What to Do Once Problems Are Uncovered

Software developers are always worried about quality control. For this reason, there is a branch of software testing called web application testing where companies aim to identify and rectify problems before the program is released to the general public. The company will upload the application online but only make it accessible to individuals who are conducting the web application testing.

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