5 Things About Linux That Actually Suck

Performing Physical Inventories With Fixed Assets Software

Accounting for all assets in a business can be a challenging task. Assets include furniture, computers, and other permanent fixtures in a company. In large businesses requiring regular asset audits such as schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, or hospitals, a fixed asset tracking software is used to help with these audits.

The History of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is a family of operating systems for personal computers. In this article we look at the history of Microsoft operating systems from 1985 to present day. The development of the Microsoft Windows operating system as we know it today began in 1981. Although its release was announced as early as 1983, it would not appear commercially until two years later.

Best Free Web Browsers: Apple Safari Review

Apple Safari is a lightweight and sleek browser known for its intuitive usability. It works on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. This visually appealing browser comes with a large number of security and browsing features to give you a better experience.

How Can A Digital Mailroom Solution Help Your Business?

Today organisations receive a lot of paper documents through the mail. To sort these documents out manually is a very time consuming and costly job, which could take hours to sort through and deliver to the right recipient, making the business process slow and inefficient.

My HTML and CSS Mistakes: What They Don’t Tell You In Books and Tutorials

What I learnt about HTML and CSS when writing a browser game. Some tips and tricks.

Ecommerce Web Development: The Need of the Hour

With each passing day, the internet is becoming more indispensable for us all. From entertainment and socializing to business, everything is going online.

Project Software to Go Please

There are a lot of advantages if you decide to go for online project management software rather than the usual project management tools. One thing for certain, if you are the travelling type, then this would benefit you the most since you can practically access your work from anywhere in the world.

Best Free Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 9 Review

Internet Explorer 9 has several new features such as a discreet notification bar, hardware-accelerated text, and automatic crash recovery. This new version focuses on sites and web content, offering enhanced reliability.

Application Performance Management

Software applications now underpin the vast majority of global operations so it’s no surprise APM is a frequently sighted acronym or that application health checks are a critical and regular necessity. But the APM market has developed as quickly as the underlying applications themselves, creating a minefield of solutions and measurement methodologies.

Factors Responsible for Website Downtime

In the age of technology, most of the businesses leverage on the power of Internet to establish their brand and lure customers to buy their products. In fact, websites hosted over the Internet act as the medium through which most of the communication takes place and one must ensure that this channel of communication never goes down. No matter how advanced your website is, there are various factors that cause hindrance to its functioning.

Building Software – What They Don’t Teach You at College

I was reading through a checklist on a Government Website for budding Domestic Builders when I found their checklist entitled, “Am I Ready to Apply for Registration?” The 60 something areas of knowledge and experience they listed ranged from Business Management to Building Knowledge but there was no reference to BUILDING SOFTWARE. The closest they came was “Basic Accounting Principles”.

If You Want to Learn German Fast – Get A Good German Translation Software

One of the most difficult things in travelling and meeting people with different nationalities is a language barrier. How can you communicate with people you do not know and people that you can not understand? Many may solve this problem through leafing through translation dictionaries. Seems legit, but too old fashioned for today’s technology.

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