5 Things I LOVE About Fedora 36

Your Guide To Purchasing Law Firm Software

Looking for a law firm management software? Get a free trial and see how this law practice management software and attorney billing software perfectly assists you in growing and managing your practice.

Why You Need Attorney Billing Software

Looking for a law firm management software? Get a free trail and see how this law practice management software and attorney billing software perfectly assists you in growing and managing your practice.

Some Thoughts on Cloud Computing

Every few years, the Information Technology industry is subject to a bombardment on the latest and greatest opportunity. Do you remember when every self respecting Database Administrator just had to have a Data Dictionary? And then… Well, we have survived most of them. Now this is the year of Cloud Computing – but Cloud Computing is not just a passing fad. Cloud computing is evolving at a dizzy speed. Companies of all sizes are venturing into this new technology.

Help Desk Software – The First Line of IT Defense

When you are running a business of any kind, you will probably make extensive use of technology. You realize that this technology is necessary if your business is to succeed, but what happens when that technology fails? You might have an in-house IT service, but can you really send someone out to repair every single computer that develops a glitch? The answer is probably not, and with that being the case, you will want to look into help desk software. As luck would have it, there are many different pieces of help desk software out there, along with virtual backup software.

Recovering an Accidentally Deleted a File

Sometimes you just get too trigger happy. You know the sinking feeling when you’ve pressed the delete key and don’t realize in time. It always seems to be the important files that get accidentally deleted.

What Is Boss Key Software and Why Would You Need It?

Boss key software goes way back in time. Even the earliest computer games had a boss key sequence that you could quickly press and it would appear as though you were diligently using a spreadsheet rather than goofing off playing a game. But games aren’t the only time you might need to quickly hide what you’re doing on screen.

MS Excel Tutorial – Quickly And Easily Import Data From The Internet Into Excel

If you have ever used data from Yahoo or Google in a data table have you retyped it in, or tried to copy and paste it? It either takes too long or the formatting appears all over the place. Google is an excellent source of information you can analyze using Excel, I just do not want to retype it or copy it! You don’t need to to, you can import the data into Excel as long as the data is formatted on the web page as a table quickly and easily ready for analysis. Here is how…

CRM Implementation – Part 2 – Automation

Before making a CRM software selection a company needs to look internally at process and areas for potential automation. CRM Implementation – Part I – Process Evaluation addresses the steps to take to begin a process evaluation. This article contains the steps to start everyone thinking about what could and should be automated.

CRM Implementation – Part 1 – Process Evaluation

The first step in considering a CRM software implementation is a look inward to your present processes and their effectiveness. That is easily said, and not always so easily done. This article contains the basics to starting that process evaluation and moving you toward a successful CRM software implementation.

CRM Is Better Than Water Cooler Chit Chat

There is simply nothing worse than learning about the last big piece of company news at the water cooler one morning, accidentally, because you happen to be standing there instead of having learned it when you could have had an impact on the outcome. Learn why CRM software is so much better than water cooler chit chat!

Practical Tips for Data Capture

Data capture is a simple procedure where in paper documents of texts or images are scanned and converted into files of digital nature. Paper management is a tedious job and so more and more people opt for capturing digital data. Paper files are difficult to deal with. Just on storage itself it can prove to be a burden to a person or a company.

Data Capture and Stopping Time

Pictures are great ways of preserving memories. That is exactly why people make sure that for every special event they would have photos to remember the occasion by. It’s fun to see changes in the places around you and the people too. Photographs are great for reliving younger days.

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