5 Things Linux Could Learn from Windows

Benefits of Choosing an Android Application

If you are running a business venture, it’s important for you to interact with your potential and target customers so that you can run a profitable business. With the recent advancements in technology, you can easily do it with the help of an interactive and innovative mobile phone application.

On-Premise and Cloud CRM – One of the Main Trends Driving the Mobile Industry

We look at how Cloud CRM is one of the main trends driving the mobile industry. We look at how it has become one of the main reasons for remote business and why it is only going to get bigger.

Spyware: Why It Doesn’t Work

If you’re a business owner or manager, chances are that many (if not all) of your employees have some level of Internet access throughout the course of each workday. After all, the Internet is necessary in today’s business world for everything from ordering office supplies and business cards to tracking the marketing efforts of competitors. Your workers need Internet access in order to be as productive as they can possibly be.

Club Management Software and Its Applications

Club management software makes the operation of fitness centres smoother. It enables the owner to have a better control of their business with the help of this useful tool. It offers host of benefits for a gym business.

Windows 8 – Work With Ease From Desktop App

I decided to write this, not because I had just got myself a 15.6 Toshiba i5 laptop with 8GB of RAM, 1TR of storage and of course, our matrix architect’s new Windows 8. Rather I am writing this because I come across so much negative views about windows 8 online on how difficult and complicated it is to work with.

How To Sell On Facebook

Social Media displays the same problem that the marketing world has tried to answer for years, RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Like it is almost impossible to measure the return on investment for a single billboard or ad campaign, it is also very difficult to measure the actual ROI for a social media campaign.

Real Time Real Estate Software Solutions

In today’s competitive real estate market, managing your customer expectations and meeting them is a moving target in today’s business. Real estate software solutions significantly enable property developers & builders to deliver instant, accurate, and consistent services to their buyers & agents.

Time Is Money

Do you know what automated software testing is? Are you getting the most bang for your buck with your hardware and software? Are your current operating systems allowing you to run at peak efficiency? Better yet, do you trust the staff members who are supposed to take care of your tech needs?

Exchange EDB Recovery Tool – Know How To Select The Finest One

Exchange Server is a client collaborative environment which connects multiple numbers of Outlook profiles to it and tracks each of their email transactions. A huge number of Microsoft Office Outlook accounts can successfully be linked with a single Exchange Server which is why it is considered best to be used within large scale organizations. But at times, your Exchange mailbox with EDB format may get corrupted resulting in losing its accessibility.

Apply Your Own Expertise! – Machine Vision Solutions to Come Inexpensive and Configurable by Users

Machine vision solutions are getting more powerful, no doubt, but the development has also enabled them to become uncomplicated in configuration. Modern equipment, standards and advanced software make optical inspection and measurement applications feasible in almost about everything. The newest technology and innovations can be harnessed to a variety of gains in design, costs and performance.

Do You Need an IT Super Employee?

As technology becomes more and more specialized, and the salaries for different types of professionals increase, hiring the right IT personnel is becoming a bigger challenge. What most companies really need, in essence, is some kind of “super IT employee” who can keep them working at peak efficiency while not being an enormous weight on the payroll.

Samsung to Release a New Mobile OS in 2013

Samsung is willing to expand their business in 2013 and have thus issued a press statement in which they claimed they will be releasing several devices running the Tizen OS this year. However, unfortunately for us, there are no specifications as to the hardware capabilities of these said device or as to when they will be heading to market. Same mystery is shrouding the price of these devices too.

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