Arch Linux is Overrated!

Web Based Issue Tracking: Benefits and Drawbacks

Web based issue tracking (a.k.a. cloud-based issue tracking) is performed on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Instead of being located in-house, the tracking system is located offsite on the servers of a SaaS provider, and is streamed to the customer via the Internet. SaaS applications have several benefits, but they also have potential drawbacks. Below is a review of the basic benefits and drawbacks of a SaaS tracking system.

MS Excel Tips – Use Conditional Formatting To Find Duplicate Data

Need to quickly find duplicate data in Excel? Conditional formatting will easily highlight any duplicate data data issues in your Excel data. Here is how.

The Advantages to Web Based Issue Tracking

A Web based issue tracking system is streamed from a service provider to its customers over the Internet. Also known as the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, the web based software model is preferable to the in house software model for several types of applications, including project management applications, issue tracking applications, and bug tracking applications. In each case, web based software offers the following benefits: Data is Safer Some sources claim that SaaS applications increase the risk of data theft, but the opposite would appear to be true.

Web-Based PT Software: The Latest Trend In Electronic Documentation Therapy Software

Web-based PT software delivers unparalleled benefits that other electronic documentation therapy software systems can’t offer. Read on to find out more.

How To Get Started With Java Message Service

The Java messaging service is an essential tool for people who want their customers to receive information. This can be done through subscriptions to topics.

Task Tracking: Tips for Choosing the Right Tracking System

  Most companies have a system for delegating tasks and monitoring the task resolution process. Whether the system works as effectively as it should is another matter. A good task tracking system makes it easier to resolve problems that occur with a product, a service, a project, or during daily business, but an ineffective system makes tracking tasks needlessly complex.

Defending Your Cloud: Wifi Hotspot Security

Securing a wireless access point can be one of the most important steps a user can take to protect their computer from hackers, viruses and malicious software. Hackers no longer need to hack into their victims computer directly and can obtain personal information simply by being connected to the same network as that user.

The Benefits of Microsoft Excel 2010 Training

When it comes to using the Microsoft Office suite of products, you generally fall into two categories: you love them and use all of the features with ease; or, you are extremely frustrated and can barely figure out how to even open up the program. For the latter group, an MS Excel 2010 training course can help you become a member of the first group.

Benefits Of Using Asset Tracking Software

Businesses are using technology to increase work place efficiency. Asset tracking software can help entrepreneurs automate critical processes, including importing fixed asset data.

Earn at Home With E-Mail Response Handling

Outsourcing has been generating jobs for people. For example, email response handling, which is one type of outsourced service, provided ways for people to earn money while being at home. This task usually involves the reading, sorting and replying to emails in behalf of certain clients.

Online Safety Training: Important for Millennial Employees

Millennials, or the group of people that were born after 1980, are infiltrating the work force at full speed. A growing problem for safety managers is how to most effectively reach this generation. Millennials tend to be interested in technology updates, quick to adapt new ideas and have shorter attention spans than their older work counterparts.

Sitecore Certified Partner Network

Organizations are looking for the right web design, integration or development team to launch a new site or improve the existing web properties. Sitecore’s global network of certified solution partners provides the ideal match to achieve the dream of increased conversions, improved editor efficiencies, and engaged repeat visitors.

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