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HTML 5 Development: The Second Coming For Smartphone Users

Modern smartphones and tablets have supported the features of HTML 5 that make it so special. It is not yet fully completed and when combined with JavaScript and CSS3 HTML 5 will be poised for greatness.

Online Backup, the Best Way to Enhance Security of Your Data

Online backup services reduces the chances of you losing all the information saved on your computer. Try the services to enjoy the benefits.

Uninstall Netware – How Can You Uninstall Netware Safely?

You may want to remove Client Service for Netware in some cases, for instance, when you leave the campus for summer holiday, when you want to troubleshoot a problem with your system or when it cause compatibility issues while you are trying to enable the welcome screen or enable fast user switching. How to uninstall the client then?

Tips: When My Computer Keeps Freezing Up

My computer keeps freezing, what do I do? Oh no, everything is just standing still! Not again, I don’t have time for this computer giving me problems now!

Is Web Based Scanning the Same As Electronic Document Scanning?

When it comes to document scanning capture, there is one company which is considered one of the most reliable. This company is CAPSYS.

Could an iPad POS System Be the Answer for Running a Restaurant More Efficiently?

Newer, all-in-one digital software solutions harness the intuitiveness of the iPad tablet to operate point-of-sale systems (iPad POS). Find out if one could make your restaurant more efficient in this article.

Importance of Securing z/OS FTP Processes

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is widely used within z/OS environments. Most organizations allow FTP operations in their mainframe network because FTP is easy to deploy and use. And most organizations are not aware of how to check which FTP operations are legitimate and which ones carry vital data into the hands of hackers.

Why RADIUS Servers Should Be Used in Wi-Fi Network?

If you are a hotel offering free or paid Wi-Fi to your guests, if you are a university offering free Wi-Fi to your students or if you are a hotspot offering Wi-Fi internet service to your users then you should surely get some crux of the message to understand the insights of Wi-Fi. The modern Wi-Fi technology allows you to break-away from the limitations of wired connections and enjoy complete mobility while you are connected to the network. But along with several advantages, there are also list of disadvantages that comes along with the WiFi technology.

Access All Areas – The Risks and Benefits of Microsoft’s Power-User Database

Bad business decisions can often be the result of inadequate or out of date information. Yet many office workers are using an increasing quantity of data to fulfill their roles. Information can be found on staff desktops, file shares, memory pens, in spreadsheets and documents and on web sites.

Microsoft Access Tables For Beginners

Ever wondered what MS Access tables are? Read this to find out…

The Truth About SaaS

SaaS (which stands for Software-as-a-Service) is one of the fastest growing aspects of cloud-computing. So much so, that it has naturally gained a lot of attention in our now tech-obsessed age. As is common with popular products and services, there can always be misunderstandings, while some may only use these products or services in order to be ‘on-trend’. This article will highlight a few of the assumptions I have heard people make about SaaS and attempt to correct these misconceptions and elaborate the most accepted answer. Is SaaS a trending hype that’s soon to fade?

Document Digitization of Old Manuscripts

Digitization services are necessary for both companies and individuals. Storing physical documents requires a lot of space and the quality deteriorates over the long run. Manuscripts which are saved by Individuals and companies can be saved digitally, so that these manuscripts can be handed down for generations of people to read and gain information.

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