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Upgrade Manual Time Tracking To Online Version

Time and attendance tracking are integral parts of the workings of any company. This is of utmost importance as an employee’s pay is calculated and generated based on the number of hours of work put into the work by him / her. Manual time tracking has been a part of every industry for a long time. However, the mounting possibility of human errors, the difficult processing, the large amount of time taken, and the likelihood of employee intervention, buddy punching etc.

All That Is New About iOS 6 Safari

The war about the best available browser is ongoing but recently Safari for iOS is in the limelight. It is arguably the best available mobile browser and with the new iOS 6, you will see many added new features that will help enhancing performance. Let us find out what are these and the new features.

How Can Invoice Automation Help Your Accounts Payable Department?

Businesses are always looking for ways to eliminate paper from their business process and with the advent of new technology businesses can now significantly reduce the amount of paper that they process manually. PayStream Advisors recently released a new report, titled Invoice & Workflow Automation Adoption Benchmarking Survey 2012, which features some of the challenges and goals within the Accounts Payable (AP) department as well as invoice processing costs and automated workflow adoption. There were some interesting and quite shocking statistics in the report, such as 20% of the AP professional’s surveyed said that they are happy with…

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