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Live Chat Application – An Effective Tool For Customer Support

Live chat applications are great solution for commercial websites. These are the effective tools for online customer services. Online businesses are seeing new heights while using these apps.

Mobile Apps – Free In 2016

According to an expert, out of 45.6 billion mobile applications downloaded this year, 90 percent are free. This trend leaves a big challenge for the developers who are planning to bring next mobile app in the market, as they should highly consider an in-app purchase model. It is expected that in 2016, people will download nearly 309 billion applications of which 93 percent will be free.

Important Characteristics Companies Can Gain From Bug Tracking Systems

Everything happens for a reason; nobody’s perfect; one person’s trash is another person’s treasure; these are all very common cliches that have a very powerful meaning. After all, cliches are defines as things that are used repeatedly.

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Bug Tracking Software

Bug tracking has been around as early as the 1940’s, just not in a software form. In these early days, simply using a pen and a paper created tracking systems. It evolved from then to using spreadsheets.

Email Support When You Need It

A couple of months back, my uncle called me up in the middle of the night because he wanted email help & support. Unfortunately, we ran into problem because of certain communication issues. My uncle isn’t too tech savvy and his description of the issue was vague at best while any instructions I tried to give my uncle wasn’t too helpful either as I had to explain each and every step.

Getting Gmail Support Quickly and Easily

When Google released Gmail in 2004, it was a breath of fresh air. At that time, most of its competitors were only offering about 2 to 4 MB of storage space for each user account, Gmail offered a staggering 1 GB of storage space. This amount was more than 500 times the storage space offered by competing web based email clients and it keeps on increasing. But the storage space offered by Google’s Gmail wasn’t the only thing that made it the one of the best.

How To Downgrade iTunes 11 To iTunes 10.7 In Windows OS

Let’s say you have already upgraded your iTunes 10 to the latest version 11, but you found that you are not used to its overhauled interface and some key features, so you’d like to downgrade your iTunes 11 install back to v10.7. This tutorial will tell you how to go back to iTunes 10.7 for Windows in detail.

A Critique of Today’s Latest Answering Service Software

Almost all businesses today need an answering service. This is because almost half the number of people coming into the number may have called in for inquiries or appointments. Hence, their first point of contact with your business would be the person whom they talked to on the phone.

Corporate Party Planning With the Party Planner Software

To plan a corporate party is completely different from organizing a private party. Whether you are a professional event planner or you are hosting an event for your own business, to map out a corporate affair can be a really tricky endeavor as you have to cover even the minutest of details. There isn’t any scope for mistakes here. From registration and payment collection to setting up the perfect atmosphere, hosting a successful business party requires lengthy preparations and execution for the event to come off in a seamless manner. If you are assigned with the duty to plan a similar party, find in the party planner software the perfect aide to streamline all your back-office operations.

Online Party Planner Tools: Features and Benefits

While being invited to a party makes us all very happy and excited, given the responsibility of planning one can bring on frightening nightmares. Even the most experienced party planners do feel the pressure or are worried as the event date keeps coming closer. There are so many tasks to administer; whether it is booking an event venue or supervising the work of volunteers plus you also need to ensure that the decor, stage equipments (microphones, speakers, projectors, etc.), furniture, and such similar accessories arrive on time. I truly believe that the job of a party planner is tough and hats off to those who manages it so well.

Manage Your Parties Smoothly With Party Planning and Management Software

There are millions of organizations right now who are bidding farewell to traditional processes of registrations, payment collections, to embrace modern day, online solutions and tools for improved planning and management of parties of any size or complexity. It is a customary tradition for different event organizers to open up the registration system at least a few weeks before the event is about to commence for people to send in their confirmed interests and to book a place at the event.

Principal Features of Microsoft Word 2010

Office 2010 is one of the finest editions of Office suite from Microsoft. It has emerged with plenty of drastic changes over its previous releases. If you are a home or a business user, you can experience the changes made to it. The 2010 version has Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Notebook included. You can contact any third-party Office 2010 support experts to avail help in case of any issues with this application suite.

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