Desktop Environment or Window Manager – Which is Better?

Microsoft Office 2013 – Looking at Word 2013 and Excel 2013

A Quick Look at Microsoft Word and Excel 2013 In addition to moving Office to the cloud for 2013, Microsoft has also made improvements to the individual apps contained within the most popular suite of productivity tools ever created. The newest version of Office is also touch-screen enabled, integrated to their cloud-based storage system SkyDrive, available across a variety of devices, and more versatile than ever before.

iPhone Application Development for Increasing Business Revenue

IPhone is among the most popular Smartphone brands available in the market today. The number of iPhone users is steadily increasing, opening huge opportunities for businesses.

Approaching IT Consulting Firms For Performance Improvement

IT companies are under stress to improve their integral services and make justifiable contributions. To be successful in the competitive environment, business owners need advice from the IT consulting firms.

Eminent Features of an Employee Attendance System in an Organization

Managing employee attendance has certainly become one of the quint-essential workplace challenges faced by employers these days. The high levels of absenteeism will thereby lead to lost productivity, poor quality of service, inefficient work structure, increased costs and reduced morale of employees.

Cloud Computing Vs Render Farm – Which Should Be Your Choice?

Graphics designers often confuse whether cloud computing is better or render farm. Each of the applications have their own downsides. Even then render farm is emerging as the most popular choice.

How Can Render Farm Spur Your Profitability?

Till now we have known that a cheaper product can never excel in quality. But there are more things in universe that we do not know! Let us take the example of render farm. You must believe it when I say that this software is among such intelligent options that help multimedia artists in enhancing the productivity and profitability of their businesses!

How An On Site Lawson Workshop Beats Remote HRMS Training Hands Down

In this article you will see how in house training is vastly superior to remote training. With a certified Lawson consultant who can come right to your facility you will gain far more from the training and spend far less money.

What Is Traceability Matrix: Definition and Concept

Traceability ensures that the final deliverable has correctly implemented the requirements specified by the customer – taking into account all the changes undergone during the course of the project. Traceability is achieved by linking the project artifacts by means of a table called Traceability Matrix.

Understanding SaaS: How It Deviates From Old ASP Model

The SaaS model deviates greatly from the old ASP model. Find out the advantages offered by SaaS development service over the old ASP system.

Code Igniter Web Development: A Popular PHP Framework

So what is a PHP framework? Essentially, the most popular scripting language best suited for your needs, it’s important to keep in mind who will be using or modifying your applications from top to bottom.

Massage Scheduling Software Keeps Customers Coming Back

Massage scheduling software not only improves staff efficiency, it can also strengthen customer relationships. The result is increased sales and business growth.

Does Employee Computer Monitoring Make Workers More Productive?

In this age of the Internet and a myriad of conveniences that are quite literally at our fingertips day and night, is it any wonder that employees waste a certain amount of time on the Internet during each workday? In fact, as much as most businesses have come to rely on the Internet, individuals have also come to depend on it for many personal tasks, such as shopping, checking local news and weather reports and communicating with family and friends through social media. Considering all the advantages the Internet offers, it’s really no wonder that workers are tempted to…

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