Do You Have Linux Regrets? I Do.

Windows 8 and OS X Lion: Finding the Better Option Between the Duo

To Stack up Windows 8 against Mac OS X Lion, one may argue that it’s too early considering the former is still under development. Undeniably Windows is the most popular operating system used globally whereas Apple is known to make premium products that cater to a certain section of computer users. Microsoft is coming up with Windows 8 after having faced tough competition from Apple’s Mac OS.

Applicant Onboarding – The New Staffing Challenge

A formal online onboarding process is a new challenge that staffing companies face. It’s not a matter of having the applicant fill out a few fields of information and then uploading their resume. Applicant onboarding has taken on an entirely new course.

How To Backup Access Databases: Learn My 5 Different Methods To Backing Up Your Access Database File

How do you backup an Access Database? There is a simple built-in backup and restore tool available but this is not the only way. The conventional way is very straight forward indeed but there are alternative ways too that may give you a better and more selective and controlled approach that might just be the ticket. One tip does use VBA but the others require no programming knowledge at all.

SharePoint Consultants

Sharepoint consultants play a vital role in improving the productivity and revenue of the organizations. They are experts in Sharepoint solution. They tailor the solution according to the needs of the organizations. They create a portal server which helps the resources to communicate, collaborate, exchange information, and send emails across various departments in the organization.

Best Free Web Browsers: GlobalMojo Review

GlobalMojo is a relatively new web browser that donates 50 percent of all revenue to charitable causes. This program is based on the Firefox architecture and supports almost all Firefox add-ons. Users can choose up to four nonprofit organizations to support and split the revenue between them all.

Best Free Web Browsers: Midori Browser Review

Midori is a lightweight browser designed for Linux. Its interface is designed to be intuitive yet powerful. The page rendering is based on WebKit. Some key features include full integration with GTK+ 2, private browsing, tabbed navigation, ad filtering, and speed dial.

Have a Microsoft Word Training Course and Learn How to Create Dynamic Word Documents

The world has so progressed that surviving without knowledge of creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word is a virtual impossibility. Working with Word not only grants a neat and structured look to documents, but with the features available in the recent versions of the software, one can create dynamic articles that are of great official and personal utility. Undergoing a Microsoft Word training course, therefore, is thoroughly recommended.

Microsoft Excel Training Spreadsheets Made Easy!

Every kind of tabular work is now almost exclusively performed with Microsoft Excel.Used as an accounting tool in the past, the software has become much more powerful and feature-intensive, having adapted its utility to a wide variety of tasks that assume great clarity and usability when done using spreadsheets.

SharePoint Implementation Services

SharePoint implementations services provide value by leveraging the SharePoint plan and architecture that is right for your company, ensuring that all business requirements are met. Planning the implementation or migration from start to finish, including preparation, hardware and software requirements, risk assessment, milestone development, implementation planning, and wrap-up tasks are essential elements in deploying SharePoint.

Exploratory Testing Vs Scripted Testing

A while back I wrote about ‘Exploratory Testing’. Coming from a background of structured scripted testing, I saw examples where some Exploratory testing cycles had problems. People were not shy in pointing out to me that, correctly done, Exploratory testing can be a perfectly valid form of testing. Some people even proposed that it was ‘better’ than scripted testing.

Run a Computer Repair Business With a Remote Desktop Manager

With remote desktop manager programs you can run a remote computer repair business. You will be able to solve the problems that people have with their computers and you can do it from your house, or your office. With the software you will be able to operate the computer from far away which means that you won’t have to make house calls any longer.

Remote Desktop Control in a Business Setting

With remote desktop manager solutions that are offered by many different companies you can take your limited business computer resources and spread them around to help all of your employees out. Whether you can only afford a few top of the line computers, or a couple of the most expensive software packages all of your employees can still get use from them.

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