EA Loves the Steam Deck, Wine 8 Is AWESOME, and Bitwarden Becomes a Target

The Pulse of Your Business at the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile workers increasingly demand actionable information at the point of impact-when, where and however they need it, with the increased adoption of smartphones and web-enabled tablets. The highly competitive world also demands instant decision making when they matter most.

Flip Boom All Star Review – Kids Animation Software

What can you do if you want a high quality animation software for your child that is accessible, inexpensive and quick to produce good results? Well, Toon Boom has answered this by releasing their Flip Boom All Star program. It claims to provide high quality animation tools at a child’s learning level and for less than the price of your average video game. Does it do this? Let’s find out in this review.

Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Network Performance and End Users’ Quality of Experience

Whether it’s dependable voice connectivity or real-time access to data and content, today’s end users expect high performance services. It’s imperative that communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises provide the best quality of service possible because with every failed call or download, CSPs, in particular, risk losing customers and revenue. In order to survive and succeed in today’s competitive landscape, they must find a way to ensure consistent, end-to-end network performance and high-quality services-and a high quality of experience for end users.

Project Management Best Practices With Microsoft SharePoint

Project managers face the challenging task of establishing and overseeing the time, budget, resources, and scope of a project from its planning stages through completion. These requirements tend to scatter intimidating amounts of information. Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) such as Microsoft SharePoint attempt to organize this information into a comprehensible format.

Insights Into How to Purchase CRM Software

Customer relationship management has become a vital aspect of every business and it is structured to help you gain, retain and maintain good rapport with your valuable clients. So, how do you go about choosing the perfect CRM software with flawless features that suit the specific needs of your organization?

Online Project Management – Why You Need a Web-Based System

When you think about how important project administration is to the success of a job, it makes sense to invest as much time and money as possible into making the administration process more efficient. Web-based project monitoring is effective and remains a powerful way to keep a project organized. But if you want to take your management functions to the next level, then you need to look into online project management.

Converting Photoshop Brushes in Paint Shop Pro to Create Beautiful Clip Art and Images

Have you ever wanted to use some of the beautiful brushes that have been created for Photoshop but use Paint Shop Pro? For one reason or another, you don’t want to switch to yet another graphic program? If so, I think you will find this article very informative.

Adobe Acrobat Forms – 5 Important Sections

Whether you scan a paper form or start with a Microsoft Word or Excel file, Acrobat automatically recognises elements on the page that look like form fields and turns them into fillable electronic fields. The Acrobat Form Wizard takes you through a series of steps to convert an existing form into an interactive PDF form. Adobe Indesign and Illustrator will allow the use to create graphic rich static forms which can then be converted into an electronic form. The form can be customised with additional fields, these include: checkboxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, combo boxes, text fields and validation fields for information like emails and telephone numbers which the use must complete before submitting.

Sharepoint 2010 Business Intelligence For Enterprise Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) software attempts to collect, organize, analyze, and distribute an organization’s business data so as to strengthen key decisions regarding costs, performance, and future ventures. This article focuses on the BI capabilities Sharepoint 2010’s and its attendant software such as Excel, SQL Server PowerPivot, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

SharePoint, iPad, And Business Intelligence

The popularization of tablet devices, Apple’s iPad chief among them, has been fueling demand for mobile business intelligence solutions. Apps have hit the market designed to capitalize on the business intelligence solutions available with SharePoint 2010. Microsoft hasn’t yet made a big splash with its own mobile SharePoint app, but some of Microsoft’s partners have been building robust 3rd party products. Using a 3rd party app is necessary for iPad users to access SharePoint’s deeper features, access not provided by a typical web-browser. Hiring a developer to build a custom application could be the right solution for those interested in employing the most mobile functionality that SharePoint has to offer.

Firefox Beta For Windows

Firefox has recently fallen to third place behind Internet Explorer (number one) and Google Chrome (the new number two). In an effort to regain some market share, a new Firefox experience will soon be coming to your smartphone or tablet. Mozilla was a late entry into the mobile browser field and when they got involved their offering did not perform satisfactorily. They have decided to try again, this time partnering with Microsoft to create a specifically Metro style application, which should be available by the time Windows 8 is released. Microsoft is attempting to redefine the current operating system paradigm and Mozilla wants to be a part of the revolution. The project is still very early in the development process but Mozilla has given some hints as to how it will operate.

Online Issue Tracking: How Does It Compare to In-House Versions?

Computer based issue tracking software has been in existence since the 1980s-a time when it was performed only on in-house models. Fast forward to the 1990s, and issue tracking became available on another model: the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Today, issue tracking is performed using both types of models, but the SaaS model is widely considered the best option.

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