Fallout 4 on Linux | Configuration and Gameplay

Software Development Cycle: Challenges and Solutions

The IT sphere, as any other sort of activity, involves the certain action sequence, methodologies, guidelines, and of course poses risks and difficulties. Any software testing company realizes this and tries to prevent the negative consequences of its work.

10 Pointers Every SharePoint User Needs to Know

Microsoft SharePoint needs to be configured properly, before it can be used by teams across organizations. These 10 pointers may help with that.

Start With The Low Hanging Fruit. Grab Predictive Analytics!

If you’re still using traditional analytics to perform your business operations then it’s time you stopped doing that? In the world of optimization, old, antiquated and even time-consuming tools are simply ineffective. What about Big Data? I mean the amount of data your business generates or deals with it on a daily basis

How to Design Your Own T-Shirt With a Design Tool

Most people find it interesting to design their t-shirts, it’s a unique form of creativity that might end up being a source of income if you choose to sell the designs you have made. You can design your t-shirt anywhere, all you need is a design tool that can be accessed online.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use An Online Booking System for Your Next Event

Event organizers can benefit greatly by using an online booking system. There are so many reasons why you may want to consider using this type of cloud based system when planning an event to help you manage bookings, save time and increase productivity.

What You Can Expect From Activity Booking Software

Activity booking software is used by a number of companies around the world. This software provide you with a host of benefits from receiving bookings twenty four hours a day to enjoying a commission free service, so you get to enjoy all the profits. In addition to this, you can improve productivity and enjoy the added convenience of online payments.

Artificial Intelligence and Paradigm Change in Web Designing

we have shed some light on the new shift in web designing process being followed in the world. It introduces the latest technology of AI based website designing.

Requisites Of Having An Apt Church Management Software

With the revolution in technology, the change in the working of the chapels has also been witnessed. Initially, chapels used to perform all their activities manually, but now with the development of various management softwares, their way of working has also been changed.

How to Simplify the SharePoint Interface and Increase Usability

How do you differentiate good from bad software? The answer is pretty simple! If you can look at a platform or application and find that it is easy to use it is good software. After using it for a little while it suddenly strikes you that there are tonnes of functionalities but they are so well designed that the interface is really simple then you know that you are looking at great software. The more intuitive an interface the better the software. Thus, one could already be aware of this but the fact is the more the number of functionalities the more complicated the end-user experience is going to be.

Five Reasons to Opt for Software Outsourcing

The word ‘outsourcing’ has been synonymous with the IT industry over the last couple of decades. While cost is one of the factors to consider outsourcing, there are other important factors that need to be taken into account.

Excel Macro Tips – How To Remove Personal Information From Excel Using Some Simple VBA

In every Microsoft Excel work book, there will be by default some personal information stored within it, which would be hidden in the work book itself or within the document properties(meta data). If you plan to share your work book with other people then it is probably a good idea to remove any personal information from it. Here is quick simple way of writing an Excel macro to remove this type of information from your Excel work book

Digitization of Art Using Modern Technology and Its Merits

Today, photography, video, and graphics, linked by computers, have expanded the artist’s potential for self-expression by allowing him/her to quickly generate multiple ideas, create solutions and mix varied media. This new ability to digitally combine drawing, text, sound, and movement engage our senses, thus making the medium produced interactive. There are several digital software programmes that help artists to produce artistic images with text, sound and animation via the computer. These Software programmes have been developed with more intuitive and standardised menus, commands, and icons. Examples include Draw Programmes, Paint Programmes, Animation Software, 3-D Modelling and Rendering Programmes like AutoCAD, Rhino 3-D, Page Layout Software, Multimedia Presentation Software and the like.

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