How to Customize i3blocks

The ISO File Format Explained

A look at the ISO file format and how it works. You will also learn how to open this type of file.

The Solution To Traffic Congestions

A lot of problems are created by increasing traffic congestion. Well there is a solution to this problem by introducing a new traffic management system.

Find Out The Reason Why Windows Error Reporting Exists And How It Works

Discussion about the latest in Windows Error Reporting (WER) – what it is and how it works. In its latest avatar as Microsoft Windows 7, you are treated to high end aero themes, translucent Windows, superfast speeds, 3D games and great audio-visuals. Among these feature changes, behind the scene the security features, memory management processes, as well as error management methods have improved too. In this article, we discuss the latest in Windows Error Reporting (WER) – what it is and how it works.

Finding a Suitable Stock Control Software System for Manufacturers, Distributors and Warehouses

When you have reached the stage where you can no longer cope with keeping written records of your company’s stock and a spreadsheet no longer does the job, how do you find and make the transition to a suitable stock control software system? If you are a manufacturer, distributor or warehousing operation this may prove to be more complicated than you would imagine. Firstly, just to find a system that satisfies all of your organisations requirements can be a trial and secondly the cost can be prohibitive. When our company encountered this problem a few years ago we had to come up with our own solution.

The Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Efficiency and performance is the core of everyday business life. How do you optimize these things in a post financial crisis? The benefits of tracking your employees’ time is bigger than the drawbacks. Learn why that is so in this article.

Church Database Software

What is Church Database Software? Church database software-at it’s essence-is basically a database of your members. In the past before the advent and wide availability of computers there were records of each individual members and their families kept on paper files locked away in filing cabinets.

Software Applications Used by Modern Illustrators

In the old times, an illustrator used the techniques that include pen & ink, wood engraving, oil painting, water colour, linoleum cuts, and pastels. Nowadays, an illustrator uses various CGI (computer generated imagery) techniques to create an illustration.

Antiviruses In The Market – What You Need To Know

Almost every computer device today connects to the internet on a regular basis. This opens up the user to a rich source of information. However, it also exposes the computer device to malwares – programs that are designed to cause malfunction to the computer.

The Benefits Of Real Time Optimization

Customers of wireless services have long been challenged by hefty penalties for exceeding data limits and delayed information access to their own data plan statuses. It now seems however, that the days of delayed bill management and cost shock could be a thing of the past.

Get Control of Your Mailbox 6: Reminders and Flags

These days we get bombarded with emails. According to research, in 2010, we are each receiving an average of 74 emails per day, 61 of which are legitimate emails, and we are sending an average of 34 emails per day.

iPod and Google Maps

The newest version of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad may not have Google maps according to the latest news. Of course, that could just be a rumor. But Apple has purchased some mapping companies and may not need Google’s anymore.

The Added Value of Using Task Management Software for Business

With the continual stream of software developments that are congesting the market one could be forgiven for thinking that task management software was just another tool that no one will learn and use. However, there are many benefits to be gained from this wonderful and incredibly powerful software! If you have dug your heels in about trying our task management software for your employees, here are some important benefits that will show you why you should ‘undig’ your heels and introduce it into your business.

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