How to Install Games on Lutris Manually

Easiest Way to Create an Organisational Chart With SharePoint 2013

Creating an Organisational Chart in SharePoint 2013 can help you to efficiently manage human resources across the organisation. Here’s how.

Leading With Technology in a Connected World

The staggering speed at which Technology has permeated into every aspect of our lives and work, today, it’s impossible to imagine that there are more connected and digital devices than people. Today, technology has gone truly global. One billion people in the world are using four billion connected things (IoT 2016). We call this IoT – internet of things.

Making the Switch From Manual Ad Buying to Using Innovative Software

Online advertising has changed with the introduction of advertising sales software, otherwise known as programmatic ad buying. However, it’s been found that there is still some confusion centering around what advertising sales software really is. Read on to get a clearer picture.

Simple & Easy Way to Solve Windows Blue Screen Error in 4 Steps

Many times, when a user turn on the computer system, he/she does come across a sight of blue screen on his/her system. What does a user consider it to be? Is it a kind of error or somebody played a prank with your system? The user may keep on guessing about it, but let us make the customers obvious that it is the blue screen which means that something is going off beam with your PC. Though, a user is not familiar with it however, it is a complication which can either be serious or drastic for your computer.

How to Update Windows Drivers the Easy Way

If you have ever experienced the headache that is out of date Windows drivers, then this is the article for you. Printers not working, audio devices not connecting, and that lovely “USB device not recognised” message can all be easily solved. Read on, and we will explain how you can keep your Windows up to date, the easy way.

2D Architectural Drawing Software Benefits

Using 2D architectural drawing software can be beneficial to the building industry. This type of drawing is used from the initial architect drawing to the construction company, the structural engineer and the builder. It is even used by the electrical and plumbing team.

Growing Demand for ERP Package Implementation

The most successful businesses around the world use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package to run their businesses efficiently and meet organizational targets. The main purpose of implementing the ERP is to integrate the business processes, keep up a central database and finally to support powerful reporting across the suite.

Top 5 Features Added in Revit 2017

Autodesk has released the latest update to its Revit software, Revit 2017. It is a significant update over the previous version and brings along many valuable and useful features, we discuss the top 5 of them.

9 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier!

There are certainly heaps and loads of applications out there in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But the issue is how many of them are actually productive? How many apps do we use on a daily basis? How many apps are there to save the day while I need it at the moment of the truth? Well, these are some apps that have had a remarkable outcome on my daily Smartphone usage and some really saved me at the most crucial time of need.

The Rise of Data and Predictive Analytics

Hospitality is no longer about free WiFi, complimentary champagne or lifestyle stay. It’s about transformative services or travel. It’s about employing real-time data, insights and communication to create transformative and engaging experiences at any time, space or place during the guest’s stay.

How to Test With QTP?

It is well-known that software testers use various tools, apply different methodologies and principles to check mobile or web software products. A large number of testing tools are available for common use.

Some Bugs Should Not Be Fixed

It may sound odd but in some cases it is better not to remove a bug. In the software testing field, to make the right choices is a real mastery, and not all specialists have such a necessary ability. It concerns testers, developers, PMs, designers, marketing department, etc.

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