How to Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on VirtualBox in Windows 8 / Windows 10

Making Data Visualization Better – 4 Vital Tips and Tricks

For any organization, business data happens to be one of the most robust resources. You can use it for trust building among consumers, for impressing the stakeholders of your company as well as take decisions about the future plans of your business in the top managerial level.

Key Trends to Rule the Arena of CRM Software Development in 2017

This article throws light on the most game-changing trends to know taking place in the arena of CRM software development. Aligning your business goals per customers’ needs and expectations has become essential for organisations. Customer engagement practices have shown tremendous evolution over the recent years and transformed the course of client-entrepreneur interaction.

Expert WordPress Developers

With the world revolving around digital marketing, firms and individuals are slowly yet gradually becoming aware of the concept of inbound marketing. One of the fastest, most prominent and intelligent ways of reaching out to prospective clients, digital marketing is also the most preferred options of reaching out to a large audience. Similarly, the various aspects related to digital marketing are also gaining importance and the need to take them to an esteemed level to reach out to even the most privileged clients has become a necessity for marketing companies.

5 Tips for Improving Your Customer Support Operations With WorkFlow Automation

With workflow automation, smart routing and assignment decisions can be made to facilitate a smooth operation and consistent service levels within your customer support teams. Customer support software providers are applying the benefits of workflow automation to their applications to improve service, enhance productivity, and simplify the process for both employees and customers. Workflow automation includes mail-to-ticket conversion, ticket routing, service level tracking, communication, and new customer implementation.

How to Download Apps on an Apple TV

It is simple to download apps for your Apple devices, and the Apple TV is no different. Installing apps on your Apple TV gives you more freedom to do what you want with your new device, letting you enjoy it to its full potential. You can now play games, watch and stream TV shows and movies, mirror your Apple devices onto your TV, browse the news, and much more, with your Apple TV.

Agile User Stories – A Recipe for Exceptional Stories

Writing good Agile User Stories can be a daunting task at first. We show you ways to engage your stakeholders in meaningful conversation to ensure your stories step-up.

Scrum Master Soft Skills

A good Scrum Master needs to have these top soft skills to be effective in their role. The list is by no means comprehensive, please feel free to add more in the comments. Communicator – the primary function is communication and the use of communication to get things done.

How Do Experts Develop a Mobile App?

Apps are in millions on stores. Make sure your app is efficient enough to attract your audience.

Hyperion Calculation Commands

Calc All: It will calculate entire sparse and dense dimensions and it will calculate entire database. Calc Dim(Dim List): It will calculate only particular dimensions.Eg: Calc Dim(Entity)

Experience the Best With Augmented Reality Services

A technology that provides a composite view of the users for the real world by superimposing the computer generated image. Augmented reality services are practically used in varied industries including Education, Marketing, Military and Healthcare. There are numerous augmented reality technology companies which offer services for developing and deploying applications on different Virtual reality and Augmented Reality HMDs, known as head mounted Displays. This type of service is especially given by software development and marketing production firms who conceptualize and build AR and VR applications. These can also be attained via virtual reality companies Indi

The Soaring Need Of On-Demand Beauty Apps: Rise & Benefits

It’s evident that the dramatic increase in the number of smartphones, connected consumers, location based services and secured payment gateways have given a booming rise to uberification of services. It has transfigured the way we interact with the beauty brand. If you have ever wished a personal stylist coming your home to doll you up with a laid-back spa, make-up, hair and other salon services, then you have to wait no more!

Traditional Testing Vs Agile Testing

Join me for a brief look into the worlds of Traditional vs Agile testing. Testers working on Traditional teams Traditionally testers are only involved right at the end of the SDLC/PDLC value chain. They had no inputs into the writing of the requirements.

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