How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on VirtualBox in Windows 10 / Windows 8

Upgrade WordPress Plugins and Recover From a Broken Upgrade

WordPress is the CMS application that owns 27% of the internet now. It’s widely accepted as the first choice website development application for users around the globe. They publish their major upgrades time and time again and users can easily upgrade to the latest version from the control panel itself.

VMware Uses Its Own VCloud Director Solution to Strengthen Internal Clouds

VMware is an international leader in virtualization, cloud communications, and in dealing mobility solutions. Which helps enterprises hasten their digital alteration with solutions for the information center that help out its more than 1000,000 clientele and 70,000 partners around the world be more responsive and cost-effective.

Using CRM for Great Customer Service

CRM can help your customer service a great deal. Read to find out.

Why Animals in Logo Design

A logo recognizes a company or product by the utilization of a symbol, banner, or signature. A logo does not sell the company directly nor rarely does it describe a business. Logos get their significance from the nature of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around logos are there to identity, not to clarify. Basically, what a logo means is more important than what it looks like.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Android Based Applications

Android is the most widely used operating system. But many of the concepts are relatively new in this operating system and the developed applications are vulnerable to https defects. The success of an android application depends heavily upon the skills of android application programming and solution company hired for development.

Biometric Technology: An Invasion of Privacy or Security Authentication?

Is it really possible that reality is adopting futuristic scanning technology we see depicted in spy and sci-fi movies? Retina scanning, facial recognition, fingerprint identification and speech recognition are a few of the components found in biometrics, which are pattern-recognition systems that measure and analyze unique physical or behavioral characteristics for personal identification.

Web-To-Print or Mobile-To-Print: Which Has a Better Future?

Has the popularity of mobile also impacted the web-to-print industry? In this article, we will talk about the transition of the print business and try to understand what will be more popular in the future: Web-to-print or mobile-to-print?

Training the School Staff for School Management Softwares

The education environment is changing and advanced technology is slowly, but substantially replacing traditional, dull practices and moving towards effective school management. In the changing face of education, ERP adoption and implementation has now become crucial.

Benefits Enjoyed With Online Project Management Software

The companies of all types do face plenty of challenges which include streamlining the workflow as well as adjusting employees to the new working conditions. Management often is required to deal with issues on a continuous basis pertaining to integration of new environment as well as keeping all the employees on proper course with a particular project and specific direction. Many new companies for this reason tend to turn towards several types of early implementations for ensuring getting through the rough start up patches.

4 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid for Error-Free Software Development

This article details on some of the most common mistakes to avoid in the process of software development and promote seamless task flow. The tech-driven business world is rapidly progressing to cope with the changing requirements of customers.

Which Website Content Management System Do You Use?

Looking for successful online business owners to share which Website Content Management system you use, (e.g. WordPress, Wix, Drupal, etc) and why?

How to Retrieve Information From a Database

After you have designed a database in MSSQL Server or MySQL, how do you retrieve specific information from the database? You need to know Structured Query Language (SQL) and that is what will help you retrieve information. Look inside for highlights.

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