How to Switch Linux Distros

Structural Integrity of Your Business Software

Recently, my wife and I have become hooked on home improvement shows. I love looking at the construction industry because in many ways it mirrors what happens in software development.

Tricks for Converting PDF to EPUB for the New iPad

The new iPad retina display is so amazing that reading books on it is so perfect and fantastic. But to get better experience, it’s better to convert PDF to EPUB, so here is the trick for you.

Apps for the Mobile Workforce Mean Improved Productivity

New mobile apps are now offering cutting-edge developments for field service management software. The big question faced by many software developers, however, is: how to build a fast, robust, usable mobile application that runs on the bulk of mobile devices and platforms?

Cloud Field Service Software Offers a Sound and Secure Solution

Many businesses are still sceptical about the use of cloud-technology and cloud-based software. Often on the lips of service management directors and MDs, who are contemplating a move to the cloud, is the question: is it safe to use cloud field service software?

How Can Field Service Software Help Manage Risk?

Field service management software can help a business to manage risk in a number of key ways, which enables managers, directors and shareholders to make fact-based decisions, monitor predictive trends and analyse key performance indicators. Real-time data Most notably, because the software delivers real-time data businesses are able to monitor events and workforce performance as it happens. Such real-time functionality allows a business to easily identify risks before they happen and for electronic alerts on a centralised system to support preventative measures being put into place.

How Field Service Management Is Seizing New Technology

Field service management takes a planned and coordinated approach to managing workers “in the field” of their work, their working environment. More often than not this applies to field workers working in sectors such as buildings and facilities management, and servicing and maintenance both in business to consumer and business to business sectors.

The Current Context for Service Management: Social Housing Case Study

There are many types of service management businesses working in a range of markets. Service management is also all about service delivery but is influenced and affected by the social, cultural, political and economical environment in which it operates.

How to Find the Right Accounting Software For Your Business?

These days, the technological advancements have made accuracy a demanding phenomenon. That is why, a lot of businesses need to have fast and precise accounting. At times, businesses are not budgeted to hire the accountants at such a cost.

Four Ways Website and CRM Software Integration Streamlines Lead Distribution

CRM and website integration is a “must do” in today’s digital world. Many companies operate their CRM solutions and website activity functions independently, never realizing the added value of integrating these processes. Here are four ways that integrating your website with your CRM system will deliver and manage new leads more efficiently.

How To Run A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Business can’t survive without successful internet marketing campaigns in today’s tough competitive environment where every business and organization is using technology to gain an extra edge over their competitors. Internet marketing has emerged as a game changer for organizations during such tough situations. However, running a successful internet marketing campaign requires some special skills and knowledge.

Are You Vulnerable Online? 5 Ways Hackers Get In

In the past few years, there have been countless reports of hackers compromising the security of big name companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and Amazon. So, what makes you think your company is any safer than they were? Hackers are sneaky; they can find the most miniscule opening in your system and take complete advantage of it.

Use Agile Methodology for Quality Software Development Solutions

The market for IT solutions has widened over time by providing amazing solutions to streamline business processes, improve productivity and manage business relations with target market easily. The different business sectors are implementing new software solutions to enhance their output level. As business trends change and new requirements arise, they look for a solution that is scalable and intuitive in nature.

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