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How BuddyPress Turns WordPress Into a Social Network

BuddyPress is a plugin that can be installed on WordPress to transform it into a social network platform with a good range of themes, plugins and widgets. The purpose behind building BuddyPress is to bring people together and enable people with similar interests to connect and communicate with each other.

Choosing a Software Development Company

Choosing the right software outsourcing company can be crucial to the success of a project. This article discusses techniques for choosing the most appropriate software development company for your software outsourcing requirements.

IT Project Management: What’s Coming in 2013 and Beyond

What got you here won’t get you there. It’s a simple, catchy line that over the past several years has become part of our business lexicon. The phrase was popularized by Marshall Goldsmith’s best-selling book of the same title in 2007 and it essentially means the skills and behaviors that you possess today may prevent you from being more successful tomorrow.

Dell Precision M6600 an Excellent PC Workstation

The Dell Precision M6600 is an all-rounder desktop replacement workstation that can handle any task, whether you are a gamer, a busy executive, or a freelance developer, the M6600 has what it takes. However, with its bulky size, you’ll have to think twice before lugging it around when you need to travel with it.

Best Browser For Android: The Different Options

There are a number of good web browsers that are available for Android. You can choose among the options according the features in need. There are many options available and some of them may be perfect for syncing with the desktop while others could be useful for browsing at a super speed.

Choosing Appropriate Spanish to English Translation Software

People come from different places around the world, and every country or region has its main language considered as native. This is because the language is understood by a majority of people and used in business transactions or general communication…

The History Of Microsoft

Many people have heard of Microsoft and use their products. However no one really knows more about them than they release a new operating system every year or so.

The Benefits Of Using CRM Software And Enterprise Resource Planning Software In Your Company

Information is power and this is particularly true when it comes to managing a business whether it is big or small. By using CRM software and installing an Enterprise Resource Planning system you can take control of your business like never before.

Using Home Inspection Software

It is important to have your property inspected for its condition. Home Inspection is usually done by a well-trained inspector to thoroughly check on every part of the house. With this inspection, you will know which parts of the house need repairs or replacements or will soon be hazardous to the people living there.

How to Write a Home Inspection Report

Home Inspection Report is a document an inspector is required to submit to his clients who can either be a buyer or seller of a certain property. It is made in the easiest and most comprehensive manner possible to be understood by anyone who reads it even to those who has no knowledge about home inspection. It should also be concise and direct to the point.

Which 3D Modeling Software Program Is Best for Young Kids

Today it seems many children learn to manipulate a mouse before they can firmly hold a crayon. That is due to the increasing emphasis society has placed on the role of the computer. With some estimates as high as 90% of American households owning a computer and over half with internet access, the computer is becoming a multi-use tool that families cannot do without.

3D Modeling Software – Which Is Best for You?

3D modeling software which allows users to create, render and even animate their own graphics, images and movies has made remarkable strides in the last number of years. There are an increasing number of animation software shareware and developer applications available. These options present a wide range in complexity and sophistication. Just which is the best computer animation software for you depends on your skill level and purpose.

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