Is Linux Too Open?

What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?

Microsoft has recently demonstrated its new Office suite which includes the much anticipated PowerPoint 2013. An official release date hasn’t yet been announced although it is likely to be early in 2013. It is currently possible to download and evaluate a trial version of the new software as part of the Office 2013 software bundle.

Cloud Based Event Registration Software: Helps Organizers to Overcome Challenges

Until recently, conducting events meant a hard task for most organizers. Sometimes in spite of strategic planning and proper thinking, things would not happen as expected. Right from managing registration forms, to processing payments to event promotion, every step involved some challenges. Recruiting external staff at times proved to be an insufficient support system to manage such large data volumes. Such was the situation when event organizers had to go through real test of time. Today, with the introduction of Cloud-based event registration software has enabled them to overcome some of these key issues. Let me now show you how:

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Businesses have a lot of responsibility. Not only do they have a lot of responsibility to their customers, to the economy, and to their staff, but they also have a responsibility to the planet.

Microsoft Office 2013: What Are The New Features?

Microsoft re-launches itself to take over the market again with its MS OFFICE 2013. Learn all about the added features of this latest new release to use it more efficiently.

The Benefits of Using Software Programs to Manage Volunteers

Managing a nonprofit organization can be difficult if you lack the manpower to keep the group going. This article discusses how new software programs can help you manage volunteers for your advocacy niche.

How to Emerge As a Successful Software Company for Worldwide Customers

Get that head start in business as a profit oriented software development company, especially in the fast paced competitive world of information technology. The company must have an objective to prosper as a business not just for its own business fulfillment but for the client as well. There is a method to better deal with potential bottlenecks that might arrive at the process of development.

Reasons to Choose Furniture Store Software With Cross-Channel Commerce Solutions

With new technologies available, consumers now have different options to browse, research, and purchase items – a phenomenon called cross-channel commerce. Through retail furniture software solutions with cross-channel integration, retailers can provide more operational strategies for both brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Best Free Web Browsers: Bitty Browser Review

Bitty Browser is an application that allows users to keep track of their favorite websites while surfing the Web. This fully functional, miniature browser provides you with another way to work with RSS content. Bitty Browser works with podcasts, RSS feeds, and websites.

Best Free Web Browsers: CometBird Browser Review

CometBird is a free web browser based on the code behind Mozilla Firefox. Its unique features will change the way you use the Web. Many users claim that this program is lightening fast. Its key features include a built-in download manager, a bookmark manager, and thousands of customization options.

Embedded Virtualization

With the emergence of Cloud Computing over the past few years the concept of virtualization is well known. The main advantage of virtualization is that you get more compute power out of your hardware by being able to run multiple operating systems side-by-side. This technology is now available for embedded system engineers allowing you to get amazing consolidation out of your hardware and enjoying the cost savings.

Best Free Web Browsers: FastStone 4in1 Browser Review

FastStone 4in1 is an image browser that enables users to run a web server, surf the Internet, view and capture web pages, and transfer files between their computers and server. This innovative software comprises four integrated programs: image viewer, web server, web browser, and FTP client.

Best Free Web Browsers: UltraBrowser Review

UltraBrowser is a simple and easy to use application based on the Trident Layout engine. This graphical web browser features innovative technologies and advanced intelligence systems. Some of its main features include a web-based bookmark manager, multiple web mail services, a pop-up blocker, and easy access to default email applications.

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