Is the Command Line Still Relevant?

Digitized Files: How Much Hard Drive Do They Take?

So you’ve gone paperless and are now storing all your documents on your hard drive. Great! By doing so, you’ve likely freed up tons of space in your office by eliminating the need for paper storage. Just because the papers don’t take up physical space, however, doesn’t mean they aren’t taking space on your hard drive. Hard drives have memory capacities, so it’s good to know what kinds of files are filling your storage.

Simplify Registration With Online Event Registration Software

A lot of hard work and meticulous planning goes into organizing an event. Right from choosing the venue, food, lighting arrangement, sitting placements to registrations, everything needs your utmost attention. This is because as a host you want to leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests. With so much multi-tasking on all event related areas, you may sometimes overlook the importance of the actual event registration process. You can however make your task a lot easier by resorting to online event registration software.

Existing Applications Have Hidden Issues

Every home improvement show I watch uncovers hidden surprises: asbestos in the walls, faulty wiring creating fire hazards, mold, water damage, etc. It’s no different in software development.

What Is a DBA?

Want to know what a DBA does? Or even what it stands for? Read this article on what a DBA is and what you can expect from the different levels of DBA work.

Windows 8 – Could This Be Microsoft’s Best OS Offering Yet After Windows 7?

Seriously, there just can’t be a OS as advanced as Windows 7. Even Mac OS X was rendered useless (well, at least the OS part was). With the odds favoring Microsoft, it might have to play one last card to establish OS supremacy. And this time, they’ve decided to play their Ace, Windows 8. Read On to see what Microsoft holds for its consumers…

Workforce Management Solutions – An Insight

Gone are the days where the Workforce details are stored in registers, where editing and search for the old records was such a tedious process. After the advent of Windows, Workforce details were stored in Excel sheets, by this storing huge data over a long period became easier but scheduling huge number of employees became a tedious process.

Operating System – Scheduling and Its Categories

The basic concept in operating system is its scheduling. However, the OS can be divided into many categories but only some of them will be discussed in this article.

How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying Open Source Software?

When installed in the right manner, open source software can bring substantial savings in both the short and the long term. On the other hand, implementing a wrong CRM solution will prove deadly in the long run. It is therefore crucial to develop a planned approach and seek the help of open source services provider such as SugarCRM services provider before buying open source software for your business.

Social Privacy Protector: A Facebook App for Profile Privacy Protection

Facebook is the most popular website with 800+ million users and counting each day. Recently this social networking website has been creating waves in the news media with the latest buzz which sparked off the rumor of its joining age limit. It is said that this website has reportedly said to have relaxed the age limit to 13 years. Whether or not this is true the fact is that more than often it is the teenagers who are keener on joining this social networking website and staying connected online maximum number of times. Keeping all this in mind it becomes essential to come up with various privacy and security measures that work towards maintaining safety of the users who are logged in online.

How to Securely Hide Personal Intimate Videos on Your PC

With digital technology things are bound to become complicated. Therefore, securing personal media using substandard techniques doesn’t always work, thus, the only solution is to protect such media with folder locking technology.

Key Features and Benefits of Data Validation Software

Ordinarily, the old axiom “slowly but surely” is a sound one to live by. It implies that the longer you take with a particular task, the more accurate and thorough your results will be. However, table checking may just be the one exception to the rule.

Attendance Management System: Powerful Record Management System

Every organization small, medium or large requires attendance management software to keep a record of their employees. Attendance software’s of attendance management will help every organization to keep a record of every employee in synchronized way.

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