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Choosing the Right Content Management System (CMS)

As the market for the Content Management System (CMS) products is growing, the number of available products is increasing every day. Technology solution providers now have a choice to recommend the best fit CMS according to the customer needs. But finding the best fit is not an easy task always, and that is so partly due to the sheer number of the options that are available. A glitch in the CMS selection and implementation can affect the performance of the application that is supports, may compromise on the application security or impede the further evolution of the associated applications. Although different scenarios need to evaluate the CMS on a different set of parameters, there are definitely certain thumb rules that we give us a good start and ensure that we don’t head off in the wrong direction.

Best Web Browsers: SeaMonkey Review

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one application suite that has chat, web page editing, web browsing, email and other features. This browser is built on the open source Mozilla Gecko engine. It is ideal for corporate users and web developers who want all-in-one browsing and Internet capabilities.

Consider the Level of Flexibility When Choosing the Appointment Reminder Software

Loaded with all the features commonly needed for office automation, the appointment reminder has quickly risen to become a requirement in most medical practices. It is an essential tool used by medical practices to communicate with existing and potential customers.

Best Web Browsers: Maxthon Review

Maxthon is a fully featured web browser for Windows, Maxthon Mobile, and Android. It has over 300 million downloads under its belt and comes with lots of great features and customization options. This web browser is built for speed and fast page load times.

What’s The Difference Between A MAC And A PC?

There has been a long-going debate in the field of technology as to which kind of computer is better to own and use. The choices have always been: a MAC or a PC. While you may seem to understand only the fact that they are both computers, there are actually differences in them like there is a wide variety of a brand for laptops and desktop computers.

Best Web Browsers: How to Keep Your Browser Safe

Keeping your Internet browser safe can be challenging. New viruses and malicious software are being released in the cyber space everyday. Simply visiting a website can cause your computer to become infected.

Simple DIY Techniques to Scan and Remove Viruses From Your Computer

There are several DIY techniques available to scan for and remove viruses from a PC. The easiest of them is to use an antivirus package. If the antivirus detects but is unable to remove infections, visit the vendor’s website for step-by-step instructions for removing footprints of each existing virus. In case of a rootkit virus, you can run the antivirus or an online virus scanner in ‘Safe Mode’. Remember to create back-ups of personal files and folders. Third party online virus removal is another alternative for safe and complete clean-up.

How to Perform Microsoft Windows Maintenance on a Dell Computer

Do you care less about the maintenance of your Windows Dell computer when you could easily do it? This guide discusses how you can do Microsoft Windows maintenance on your Dell computer without spending much time and efforts.

What to Look for in a Quality Answering Service

Medical emergency calls should never be taken lightly. As much as possible, patients would rather talk to a real staff than a voice recording or a human agent who barely relay the message to the doctor while the patient waits. A quality answering service helps increase the turn-over rate of the medical staff since it can work on tasks 24/7 at a fraction of the cost.

Magento Modules for Web Development

Magento modules are a helpful addition to the crew of any online shop. Jobs that have been done manually for years are easier to accomplish nowadays, provided you go to a modules development team that can deliver the goods. Here are some of the advantages and areas where work can be automated to see higher sales and faster turnover.

How to Fix Costly Mainframe Performance Issues Before They Occur

Mainframes are the most stable IT platforms in existence today. Nonetheless, performance issues continue to plague even the most efficient mainframe installations.

Using Salon Software: Benefits for the Business Owner

How do you know which salon software is best for your company? Look for a product that offers a way to manage your business while providing outstanding customer service.

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