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Applying Office Space Etiquette When Using Shared Desks

Hotdesk software manages office spaces efficiently to avoid wastage of unused space and equipment. DeskFlex Innovation provides intelligent office and business solutions to small and large organizations. To successfully apply Hotdesking Solution, the management should provide guidelines for office etiquette for everyone to follow.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are part of the computer science field. Both terms are correlated and most people often use them interchangeably. However, AI and machine learning are not the same and there are some key differences that I will discuss here.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Choose Your Process Wisely

The word “Process” within Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is very vital and utmost care should be taken and we should choose our process wisely. The right selection of the process determines the make or break of successful RPA implementation.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) – All You Need to Know

DCIM, an abbreviation for Data Center Infrastructure Management, is commonly referred to as a software employed to regulate, measure, and manage data centers, overseeing both IT equipment along with other supporting infrastructure such as power and cooling systems. They are specially curated to help managers attain maximum energy management while at the same time preventing equipment problems that would result in downtime. DCIM goes way beyond basic device monitoring to help data center operators to understand what’s happening in their environments & machinery, such as power and cooling device status.

Introduction to Shopasoft: Get Your Software Activated to Enjoy Full Functionality

If you are looking for an activated software program or PC game, you are on the right page. Although you can go to the official websites of your desired software or game for the activation key, buying from a partner can help you save tons of money. For instance, Microsoft Office and Windows 10 keys are important for almost all users. If you want to buy these keys, you can check out a great platform, such as Shopasoft. Let’s find out more about this supplier.

A Brief Look At The Features Of Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 is full of a lot of new features. In this article, we are going to take a look at the improvement introduced in the new installment. Aside from this, we will discuss some important features that the new version comes with. Read on to find out what the new release has for you.

Smart Home Device QA

Smart home devices are everywhere in a modern house nowadays and range from products such as doorbells, home security, lighting, door locks, smoke detectors etc. Smart home technology is the use of devices in the home which are connected via a network. It uses devices and associated applications that can be remotely monitored, controlled, accessed and provides services based on users needs and expectations.

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is a version of regression testing to ensure a specific section of the application is still working after a bug fix or a functionality improvement. This type of QA is different from smoke testing as it is typically focussed only on one or two functionalities whereas smoke testing is aimed at all major functionalities. When the test fails, QA reject the build and send it back to the developers for a fix.

Project Summaries

When an organization executes a certain number of projects over a period of time it needs to compute certain summaries for the purposes of evaluating the performance of the company. Some of the metrics that need to be computed are net effort variance or the variance of the total effort with respect to the planned effort. During the project planning phase a project manager estimates the effort required to complete a task.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Back to Basics

Both Machine learning and artificial intelligence are common terms used in the field of computer science. However, there are some differences between the two. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences that set the two fields apart.

Steps To Create a Website & Return Well

In this article I shall show you the steps and path to go through to make a new website whatever the purpose and how to start to implement these successfully. The important thing is to make action and I will attempt to explain that in order to help too.

Transaction Processing in Database Management Systems

Transaction processing within the parlance of data base management systems is when SQL statements that are required to be executed on the database are grouped into units of transactions. This ensures that a single transaction executes a whole unit or does not execute at all. Let us for example take a banking transaction during which X transfers some money to Y.

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