Linux Tutorial Series – 104 – The pgrep and pkill commands

Windows 8.1 OS: All You Need to Know

Seeing that there was a need for better management and integration of high-power applications; Microsoft has launched a new version of operating system. It is Windows 8.1 and is both designed for the casual users and business professionals too.

Crossfit Software For Making Your CrossFit Session Easier

CrossFit workouts are developed with a particular purpose in mind for ensuring endurance, stability and strength. These workouts are special in the way that they bring together a variety of exercise forms and types for creation of specialized routines that lay attention on the whole body.

The Different Types of Clocks Available in the Marketplace

Time is the most important thing in everyone’s life. Time’s chariot keeps on running whether we realize it or not, utilize it or not. This is what makes time management a priority for all. But how can we manage time without reading it?

Finding Ins And Outs of DXF to DWG Conversion

As the technology is changing by leaps and bounds, format conversion acts as the bridge between old technology and latest technology in vogue. It helps to convert file from one format to another according to the requirement. If the features of the format suit the utility of data then it can be kept in the same way otherwise format conversion is an option to make the better use of data.

Pros And Cons Of PDF To DWG Conversion

It would become very easy for a user to calculate whether he or she should avail the facility of file conversion or not. As a native format for CAD services, DWG has wide range of advantages over Portable document files (PDF).

Tips To Crack Technical Interviews in Software Technologies

This article provides basic but useful techniques and tips to crack technical interviews. It is helpful for the people looking to go through the interview process, specially in software technologies.

Discovering Linux

A brief introduction into Linux, with helpful information to get you started. With this tutorial you’ll be able to be up and running with your custom distribution of Linux in no time.

The Evolution of Websites

How the website content has changed over time. Does anyone really need a website anymore?

Master Data Management And The World Of Social Media

Social media is a platform that has helped many businesses make decisions. Which is why, master data management vendors now offer social MDM services as well.

Virtual Receptionist – An Essential Business Tool Across Industries

Decades ago, the use of virtual receptionists was only seen in Sci-Fi movies. It seemed ultramodern and unimaginable that people thought that it would only remain a fiction. It wasn’t until the 20th century that these digital receptionists have entered the business world, performing real jobs and helping real lives.

Legacy to Cloud, What You Can Learn From Netflix, Intuit And Adobe

There’s been a lot of talk about cloud computing. Everyone’s saying it: why aren’t you using the cloud yet? You know that it won’t be long until you decide to make the switch.

Microsoft for Mac, Who Knew It Was Possible?

For a long time, Apple and Microsoft was at odds with one another, not because their products were competing with each other, but because of their owners trying to show off who is the biggest guy in silicon valley. For a long time Apple created hardware like the Mac and because of its pioneering design and functions it became the standard for PC’s at that time. However the only thing Apple was not able to do is to create software as good as Microsoft’s publishing software Office.

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