Linux Tutorial Series – 107 – Measuring how much time it takes for your program to execute

The Integration of Health Care and Technology

One of the common problems faced by numerous hospitals all over the globe is dealing with enormous amounts of data that is generated on an ongoing basis. This requires the extensive and tedious process of recording, storing and managing different types of data.

Time Management – Reminder App

A simple way to keep an individual complete his work on schedule is by using a time management and reminder app. They are the ideal set of apps that can help every individual accomplish their goals with ease.

Project Management Software: The Code Behind The Curtain

When performance on a project is being evaluated, most managers consider the team members as the essential part of the review. The human contribution in the office, workplace, or classroom is the driving force behind completion, and issues like participation and time management can be critical when considering why a project did not reach a successful conclusion. However, people are also only as effective as the tools they are given.

Benefits of Online Cloud Storage for Music Enthusiasts

External drives are the most commonly used traditional backup storage systems which still retain some essential utilitarian functions today. However, with external drives, limitations are numerous which could affect the speed and efficiency in storing significant files and data. The advancement of technology today has given birth to a new and innovative idea of storing files and information.

Why Your Infrastructure Can Do Better With an Efficient Application Monitoring Software

Why use application monitoring software? Many IT services root for them because they provide a comprehensive overview of all applications and the supporting infrastructure.

Easy Customization Of an Event Ticketing Software

If you regularly host events, are an event’s organizer or simply sell tickets to events, then you certainly are aware that selling tickets to any event is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it the traditional way. The traditional way means that you are selling them from a specified offline shop or even at the entrance of the event. To avoid this tedious work, many sellers are now turning to event ticketing software online.

Efficient and Effective Software for Church Finances

The increasing number of money laundering in businesses as well as charitable organizations today leads to an urgent call for transparency and proper accounting measures. There is a strong need for appropriate software for church finances and other charitable organizations to track the flow of monies for any welfare projects.

Flashing Firefox OS B2G on HTC Explorer A310e/Pico

There is a lot buzz around Firefox OS in recent times and I thought of taking a peak at it. Firefox OS, due to its open standards approach and with its strong community base is slowing gaining momentum. Since the device is not launched in our geography, I decided to convert one of my old HTC Android devices to Firefox OS.

Barcoo – The Product Guide

Each and every of us is a consumer of goods, from toothbrushes to cars, from food to smartphones. Needless to argue that we want healthy food and high-quality goods. What do we need to get what we want?

Why You Should Use MS Excel To Build Business Dashboards

Dashboard skills are in great demand by employers. If you can build great dashboards, it is a valuable skill to have. This article will explain some great reasons why you do not need to spend extra money and resources on bespoke or third party software programs to generate and maintain excellent interactive business dashboards. You can build them with one of the most widely used pieces of software- Microsoft Excel.

Different Types of Clouds – How to Identify Clouds

A well managed third party service available over the internet consisting of both hardware and software resources is cloud computing. This concept has emerged as one of the fastest growing technologies in the last decade. In the present times, some of the frequently used cloud computing applications are as follows:

Workable Market Solutions on Effective Charity Bookkeeping

Every organization that is set up for some purpose must keep a proper set of accounts regardless of their size and financial volume if it is involved with financial input and output. Most nations would have in place certain legislations that require such companies or charitable bodies to be accountable with the receiving of revenue in any form to ensure a transparent presentation of monies and gifts coming in and going out of the organization.

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