Linux Tutorial Series – 11 – Checkpoint

Great Google Drive Features That Redefine Effectiveness

If you have a Gmail account, you may have noticed a triangular shaped icon on the attachment when you wanted to download it. That is the Google Drive button. The drive allows you to store and synchronize files on your iPhone, PC, iPad or Android.

Excel Tips – Using the COUNTA Formula in Excel

If you are a regular user of Excel, then you probably are used to Excel performing calculations with numbers, but when it comes to Excel formulas we are not restricted to just numbers, it will also perform calculations with other types of information. In this article learn how to count non blank cells with the COUNTA function.

Excel Tip – How to Calculate The Percentage Difference Between Two Values

How do you calculate the percentage difference between values?. This really is one of the most asked questions of me in regards to Excel formulas. Excel has no built in formula to calculate this value, but there are a number of ways to get to the answer. Let’s look at four different ways to work this out with an Excel formula or two.

Lessons That Retailers Can Learn From Etailers

It is quite evident that to survive, people have no way but to adapt themselves with an increasing thrust and penetrative implications of technology. The same applies to business also. Traditional retailers who earlier refuted and ignored their modern counterparts are now struggling to cope up with etailers, who has successfully captured the imagination of burgeoning tech-savvy population. Polarization is harmful for steady growth, and the former party needs a fresh approach to stay afloat.

Making The Implied Comparison: VDI Versus Windows PCs

Ever since VDI made its appearance on our contemporary technological market, comparisons have been drawn between VDIs and Windows PCs. Whether these comparisons are rendered explicitly, or implicitly, they are advanced anytime one of these technological products is introduced into the conversation.

Increase Productivity With ERP Gas Distribution Software

In the highly competitive gas distribution business, it’s absolutely critical to keep pace with other companies in the field. Because the nature of the industry is so complex, the vast majority of companies now utilize ERP fuel management software to automate tasks that were previously time-consuming and prone to human error.

Things That Shouldn’t Go Unnoticed When Hiring a Software Development Service

There are a large number of offshore software development companies today, and now that you have finally decided to choose one, you should know a few basic things before you hire one. Although you can secure some amazing benefits just by hiring the services of an offshore development company, choosing the wrong company can harm your business in more ways than you would ever have thought possible.

Microsoft and Google Optimization Santa Tracker for Websites

As the holiday season is coming, Black Friday and Thanksgiving are out of the way. Microsoft has once again collaborated with North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). This allows the user to track Santa Claus as he makes his way around the world during the Christmas Eve until morning.

Can Succession Management Groom Your Business With Leadership – Find Out!

Succession planning is a most talked about activity but very few organizations do it well. Succession management should be a part of strategic planning for all the big and small businesses because it suggests the future and the vision of a company. A cloud based online succession management system allows the access of talent pool worldwide and a large scale integration of data. A good succession planning software can make the succession management process shorter, simple, and flexible.

Document Management – And What That Means in Practical Terms

Essentially document management means taking the paper out of document-centric processes, and sometimes that’s enough to enable an organisation to reduce costs and achieve greater working efficiency. However, coupling document management with workflow to automate subsequent procedures can lead to even lower overheads and further streamlined efficiency.

Considering Agresso As Your ERP Solution?

Agresso ERP from UNIT4 is a widely used Enterprise Resource Planning tool for Businesses. Here we examine some of the modules and new features.

Channel Management Software And Its Essence

No matter if you are looking for hotel distribution or the revenue management, it’s taken for granted that the channel management software is going to come in handy. However, the variety of channel management software which are available in the market these days is truly mind boggling and you may end up being confused about which one to choose from the variety with a guarantee that it’ll fulfill most if not all of your requirements.

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