Linux Tutorial Series – 111 – Resource monitoring with vmstat and other commands

A Paperless NHS – Benefits for the Patient, Clinicians, and the Taxpayer

The drive for a paperless NHS is part of a wider Department of Health policy to make the NHS ‘more efficient and less bureaucratic’. Eliminating paper and removing paper-driven, manual, staff-intensive processing from hospitals, clinics and GPs’ surgeries will certainly help achieve this goal – dealing with paper is time-consuming, reliance on a physical document results in restrictions in its use (it can be in only one place at a time) and staff are involved in document-chasing and form-filling when they should be doing their real job. Plus in recent months there has been much in the press about how removing paper and this improved efficiency will benefit the patient.

Finding the Right Company to Supply Performance Testing Tools

When you have a website, a piece of software, or an application, it is vital that you use performance testing tools. This is so you can take advantage of problem planning, server downtime and the overall performance of your product. If you don’t use these tools, you don’t know what is going to happen and when, and you can’t focus your energies towards the areas that need the most help.

Download Companies and Why They Should Use Load Testing Software

These are sites like iTunes and Deezer, in the UK. The main problems with these sites is that when something new comes out, it is very hard to download from them because their servers are often overloaded and they experience downtime. Thus resulting in their customers going elsewhere, with some of them taking drastic steps to buy physical DVDs and CDs.

Performance Testing and the Benefits for the Application Development Industry

Application developing is becoming more and more popular as a business model. People are quitting their jobs and learning how to be application developers on their own. This is not something that you need to go to university for, you can learn how to do this in your own time, with books and computer courses on how to learn the language.

8 Popular Tools For Cross-Platform App Development

What’s the actual advantage of a cross-platform application for your business? That’s less time and less budget. You may build as many native applications as you need to reach across platforms.

A Professional Printing Company Can Help You With Your Marketing Strategy

This may seem a good idea at first but it could be harming your business. If you are printing a brochure and you are mailing it to your customers, they will be able to tell straight away if it has been home printed.

A University Dissertation and How Professional Printing Can Help a Well Presented Document

Your University dissertation is probably the piece of work that your whole degree is going to be based on. It is the most important assignment that you will have during your studies. Most students spend the week before the assignment date, rushing through to make sure they can get it in on time.

How To Make Your Live Chat Software Scripts More Effective?

Your chat script is actually the backbone of your live support. This has much to do with casting an image of your online support and increasing your online sales. Therefore, you need to pay great attention to improve your chat transcripts on regular bases. For this, you need to keep an eye on the results a chat scripts yields in terms of sales. Compare your chat transcripts by looking into your chat histories and design an improved one. Do ask your chat operators to follow them properly and then check the sales difference. Here is detailed description on how to improve your chat scripts.

4 Benefits of Mobile Healthcare Software

Mobile technology has touched humans in an unprecedented way. The latest Smartphones have the processing power and the functionality of a mid-level desktop or laptop. Almost all the industries and sectors known to man have been touched by the amazing power and reach of mobile technology.

12 Tips to Declutter Your Outlook Mail

Many employees have a limited size on their Outlook mailboxes. Getting constant messages that say you are exceeding your allotted size and need to clean up can be both frustrating and annoying. Here are some tips to help you keep your mailbox under control.

3 Simple Ways to Get Survey Feedback

Whether you support customers internally or externally, getting actionable feedback from customer satisfaction efforts is critical. Here are three simple ways that will help you increase the quality of the feedback you receive.

Why and When Do You Need to Install Codecs on Your Computer?

Have you ever come across a video or audio file you couldn’t play on your computer? Missing codecs might be the reason behind this. But what are these codecs and why do we need them anyway?

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