Linux Tutorial Series – 116 – The chmod command

Relationship Between Recruitment Software and HR Management

One of the most important tasks of recruitment software is to make the process of hiring and recruitment a simpler and more effective one while at the same time making it possible for interdepartmental staff to keep in touch in a seamless manner. With most companies realizing the importance of teamwork as integral part of enhancing growth and profitability, nothing helps organizations attain this goal better then employment software.

Different Types of HR Software

HR software provides any company with the opportunity to implement most of its office operations in the best way possible. This is because changes occurring in the way companies do business need to be implemented sooner rather than later in order to a company to stay up to date.

Storing Documents and Data in the World Today

Today, data centers include huge volumes of data and documents that are increasing at a steady pace – a phenomenon we call Big Data. Even though these systems are very modern, they are now becoming insufficient and need a considerable financial commitment with very little practical use. This case is going in crescendo, and needs a rapid and easily applicable solution.

Beware of Aggressive Sales Driven Start-Up Software Companies

Perhaps, you’ve read a spy novel or two and you’ve come to understand the realities of information flow and why some folks should be on an only “need to know basis” after, all there is that other quote “loose lips sink ships,” which is also true as per historical review on the topic. Yes, let’s talk and take this topic to a higher level in the world of business collaboration, shall we?

Would The Cookie Monster Approve of Google Going Cookie-Less?

Well, in 2013 there were some NSA leaks by a less-than-ethical man who some say was a traitor to our nation, while others called him a pillar of transparency. Nevertheless, it surely woke up many for the need to consider privacy issues more. Meanwhile, there was a shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC where the shooter got into the facility when he shouldn’t have thus, bringing forth thoughts on how best to secure such buildings with biometric IDs.

Organizing Lists in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint

Don’t waste time trying to type and organize your lists at the same time. Type everything you want to include in your list and then use this handy, dandy shortcut to reorganize it. You can even use this shortcut to promote or demote your bullet points.

Recruitment Management System: Easing Out HR Tasks

The role of HR departments is not just limited to selecting and bringing the suitable and talented individuals to the specified job profiles, rather it is more about making the right selection by proper assessment and evaluation of the candidate through different HR tools and tactics. HR professionals might develop a huge database for the prospective candidates who are well-qualified and talented and may prove to be appropriate for the job, but apart from these traits, what they really need to analyze and determine is the feasibility of the particular candidate to fit in the job and to adapt himself/herself…

Database Management Systems and Their Use

For an organization, accessibility of the data in different forms is very crucial these days. Data indisputability is very important to the company for proper functioning. Therefore, a number of database management systems are available for the use of organization to keep the data intact. They can be used altered and stored in a high security zone so that they can be easily referred to when required and also kept away from those who sabotage can possibly sabotage the working of the organization by misusing the data.

Master Data Management Is The Need Of The Hour

Effective utilization of master data management software can enhance the productivity of a business environment. With the robust benefits it offers, MDM is worth the investment.

Excel Tutorial – MS Excel XLSX Recovery

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that is widely used for organizing, manipulating and storing data. It has all the features of a basic spreadsheet application to perform arithmetic, statistical, financial and engineering needs. It is ‘Visual Basic for Applications’ and allows the user to apply numerical methods for solving mathematical and physics related equations.

Overview of MathType in Word

What is MathType? Why do you need it to type Math?

AIX PGP Encryption

McAfee e-Business Server is a suite of products, which encrypts the corporate data to protect it during transaction processing, file transfers or while at rest. The industry standard PGP encryption of e-Business Server helps to safeguard the confidential information during its exchange with remote offices, vendors or business partners. Simple commands are used for the data encryption and that helps keeping the errors to the minimum and the maintenance of data is thus reduced.

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