Linux Tutorial Series – 117 – The chown command

Beyond Encryption: The 5 Pillars of Cloud Data Security

The bank also needs surveillance cameras so that in event of a breach, the authorities can play back the recording to understand exactly what happened, and when. Stationed near the vault, the bank has a security guard for additional protection against threats and to deter thieves. And finally, the bank employs armored vans to move cash around from the bank to stores, to off-premise ATMs, and to other banks.

Live Chat Software Gives A Complete Look To Your E-Store

Live chat now has become a vital part of every e-commerce website. It brings a credibility and reliability factor in your website. With the help of this web-based chat application you can manage your customer service tasks in a more professional and efficient way.

Run an Old Program on a New PC

So you went out and bought a new computer – congratulations! You got a good one, too: it has everything, including a dual-core processor. You have installed your favorite programs, and by that, I mean your games-great!

A Brief History of Blackjack in America

The game of blackjack was first brought to America from France in the early 19th century. It was called Vingt-et-un or Twenty-one at that time.

Plan, Analyze and Track Service Operations to Improve Profitability

Businesses are facing several challenges these days for service operation such as inefficient management of after-sales service, improper segregation of service types, classification and arrangement of AMCs, inability to automate addition of new clauses in service, haphazard engineer-specific allocation of issues and problems, inability to generate all reports with precision, and so on. They are thus looking for the right vendors who can provide Dynamics AX consulting to them to overcome such challenges. The Service Management in Axapta ERP helps businesses overcome the above challenges and goes a long way to control after-sales efficiently and classify annual…

Mission Critical Inventory Management

Asset, inventory, and fleet management is vital to EMS and fire department operations. Find out about the most cutting-edge and revolutionary software that does all this, customized just for each individual agency’s needs. This software as a service beats paper tracking and manual cycle counting significantly because it can be accessed in real-time from any device, no matter where you are. It can create reports so the logistics department can compare the use of one item over a period of time, for one example. These reports can track savings, asset use and location at all times, plus vehicle maintenance and rig checks, and just about anything else you need to run a report on. This one of many features can help an agency prevent expired parts going to waste and allow them to keep less inventory on their shelves at a time. You can have the ability to see what you really need so money doesn’t have to be thrown away. This system keeps an accurate count of anything you want it to track. Learn more by reading my article about asset, inventory, and fleet management software, visiting my links, and spread the word!

9 Must-Have’s for Your Point of Sale System

Choosing the BEST Point of Sale system for your SPECIFIC NEEDS is vital to any business. Some owners make the mistake of buying a point of sale software package prior to thoroughly understanding what the actual POS software program can actually do. Here are Nine Highlighted Features to think about before contacting POS provider and to help you decide on the point of sale system that best fits your business.

Why Flat Design?

Why is flat design so popular? How did this come about and why did it catch on? In the age of social media anyone is a commentator and thus everyone has a theory and a soapbox from which to proclaim it. The amount of speculation and unsupported attribution is astounding. Many theories are to be found by anyone looking for answers.

Bug-Free Software – A Modern Myth

Is there bug-free software in the world? Undoubtedly. But being bug-free is not the thing that lasts. In order to be as free of bugs as possible, software has to be properly maintained.

Internet Businesses Not Only Rely on Effective Marketing, They Need Effectively Running Systems Too

Any company which conducts its business online needs to make sure all its systems are running effectively. In order to do this, every aspect of the website, the CMS and all applications must be regularly checked. Checking web and application systems is a specialist job. This article gives you advice on how it is achieved and how you can have your own website and software tested.

How to Find Out If Your Website Is Performing to Its Maximum Capacity

If you have a business website, and it is an essential part of how you makes sales and engage with customers, you will need to keep an eye on its performance and make sure it is running at maximum levels. Not all business owners are experienced systems analysts, therefore in order to do this, they need to use web monitoring tools.

Testing the Efficiency of Your Website and Systems Is Essential for Continued Business Success

If you have problems with slow response rates, or processing time from your website or applications, you may need to test them. Problems which affect the performance of our systems can cause harm to businesses. Loss of revenue can occur because systems crash or you can lose customers who are put off by unreliable applications.

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