Linux Tutorial Series – 124 – Checkpoint

Tips and Tricks of Microsoft Dynamics GP You Must Know

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the financial software that gives you the opportunity to create a number of fiscal documents. It is available in many versions and in order to increase your efficiency in using the application, you should use the following tips and tricks.

Fortifying Your Computer’s Defence

Computers and similar devices are integral to modern living. We have leaned our entire weight on their functionality and moulded our schedules and activities on their ability to service us. It is only proper that we spend time, money, and effort in making sure that they are in top shape.

Finding The Perfect Import Export Software

The import export business is arguably one of the most complicated and specialized industries that exists in the world today. While there’s no doubt that the business is fascinating and can be exciting, it also is presented with some unique challenges that few other industries face.

MS Excel Basics 1 – What is Microsoft Excel?

In this article I write about the complete basics of Microsoft Excel. It starts with what to expect when it opens and what are the uses for this spreadsheet software.

Consider Application Load Testing to Ensure Websites Are Operating Smoothly

Companies that have a website may use certain applications on it. This process will need to be checked from time to time to ensure that it is operating smoothly. Application load testing is going to be very important to make sure that the customers are getting the experience that they are supposed to be.

Optimizing Live Chat For Various Industries

Live chat support has its own various uses for every industry. Businesses should be aware of the uses and advantages that the software carries for every particular type of industry. The main aim; however, is to keep your customers happy and generate up to par customer service.

Fix Arma 2 Steam Issue

ARMA 2 Steam issues are common in PCs. This article highlights simple troubleshooting steps to get rid of this problem.

Connecting Businesses With The World Through Web Based Project Management

The face of business is changing with the ease and accessibility of technology. Many aspects of running a small or even a large company have been streamlined through the internet, computers, and software that can accomplish in minutes what once took hours. Technology has also taken the aspect of distance out of the equation for many owners, as collaboration and communication can be done virtually.

Lock, Stock and One Smoking Private Cloud: Eucalyptus

With more and more IT Organizations opting to build their own Private Clouds out of open source tools and platforms, it was only a matter of time before an all-out battle began to find out just which Cloud Platform comes out on the top! The following article looks at one such upcoming Open Source Private Cloud provider; Eucalyptus.

3 Modern Effective Testing Techniques

At present there are many different testing techniques. It is known that the best result can be achieved when applying several of them. But it is not an easy task to choose the most suitable ones for a mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing. To be able to do it one must know and understand the available techniques.

Top ERP Packages You Must Know

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications cover a lot of business processes. There are lots of top ERP applications and some of them will be discussed in this piece.

Study: Increased Attendance in Psychiatry Clinics With The Help of an Appointment Reminder

Patients tend to forget about their appointments but if you are a psychiatrist who is truly concerned of the welfare of your patients, you will look for a way to make them remember. Forget about the advantage every successful appointment brings because that is just a bonus. Instead, focus on how big the help would be to your patients who need your constant monitoring and guidance to become better.

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