Linux Tutorial Series – 125 – Compression – Why is it used?

How Software Development Handles Post-Release Bugs

Software development is a complex sphere of activities. The reason for its complexity lies in the insufficiency and vagueness of requirements and measurements.

Building Trust to Avoid Employee Turnover

Most people understand that finding and keeping the right job can be a challenge. However, many people don’t realize that it’s just as difficult – if not more so – for business owners and managers to hire and retain good employees.

Ecommerce to Benefit If Facebook Enters the Mobile Payment Area

With more and more high street shops closing their doors, the online shopping market is increasing. M-commerce is now emerging as a fast and simple way for consumers to shop and checkout on the move.

Mediatrix C7 Series of Products by Media5 Corporation

Throughout the years, Media5 Corporation had been bringing state-of-the-art hardware and technologies to the communication industry. Media5 products and services have been integrated in millions of devices, mobile phones and telecommunications equipment and applications. They continue to innovate products and they recently released Mediatrix C7, a series of products that has multi-function capabilities integrated in a single platform specifically targeted for small and medium sized business (SMB) applications. These applications can assist the busy businessman or woman. Faster and more efficient technologies that work over the computer saves investors needed time as well as parents working out budgets at home.

What You Need To Know About Dedicated Email Clients

The introduction of the email has changed the way we do business. Many companies are now using the platform in order to send and receive messages.

Live Chat Software Helps You Provide More Personalized Online Support

Live chat software is the only effective way through which you can give a more personalized touch to your e-commerce website. Carrying out a seamless text conversation with your online customers you provide them with more relevant and quick online support.Additionally, using the language support feature of live website support, assist your potential customers in their native languages.

Innovative Uses of The Online Scheduler

An online scheduler is more than just an additional feature that you have the option to have in your website. It is not just a calendar that is easy to access and gives patients a bird’s eye view of your availability and when they can possibly set an appointment with you. Rather, it is an indispensable tool that would make you wonder how you did for so long without it.

Email Security: Are Your Emails Truly Secure?

Overconfidence is what kills workplace productivity; in fact it can land you into serious trouble – you may just end up losing your job. Thus, it is better to be overcautious than to be overconfident.

Why Use Graphs, Tables or Infographics In Your Content?

Java is not completely free from hitches though. Cross-browser compatibility has remained a major drawback with Java. Besides, JavaScript is not particularly efficient with graphical elements and features, unlike Flash.

Lab Produced Beef

The time of robotic, factory-produced lab grown hamburger meat is almost here. Last night, the first stem-cell-grown hamburger “meat patty” has been grilled and tried by testers who declared the item just about edible.

The War Against Identity Theft: What Society Should Expect This 2013?

On a not-so-encouraging note, the worldwide battle against personal information stealing is far from its end. While people could always take advantage of an identity fraud detection service, it would make a huge difference to be personally prepared.

Microsoft Excel – Dates That Look the Way You Want Them To

Creating your own custom formatting for dates in Excel is easy. Read this article to find out how it is done.

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