Linux Tutorial Series – 130 – Updating your package list

Project Management Software Innovates Business Organization

Many company leaders are aware that technology exists which can provide better productivity for their staff and their company. Owners are often unsure of how the different functions of these programs will really benefit them, but although some features may seem similar, they address different parts of running a business. Project management software provides a number of tools which can change the way that business is conducted and aid in the evolution of a company so that it may be run with ease and minimal maintenance.

Advantages of Proper Data Management

Managing environmental data can be a headache for many organisations because of mandatory requirements and the sheer volume of information. But there is a lot of value in good data that is properly evaluated. Some data collection activities are legal requirements, such as those contained in environmental permits. These impose conditions on an operation and force the enterprise to responsibly manage its environmental impacts. Such regulations require the permit holder to follow certain operational procedures and practices.

5 Ways to Get Your Computers Ready, Faster in the Morning

This article describes several easy ways to get your computer starting faster in the morning. If your machine has been getting a little sluggish of late, read this to get some great tips.

The Growing Crack-Down on the Late Payment Culture

The devastating effect late payments can have on businesses individually and on the economy as a whole – evidenced daily through stories in the press and by the increasing number of vacant premises appearing across industrial and business parks throughout the country – is seeing the government getting tougher on late payment offenders. The recent ‘Report from the All Party Inquiry into Late Payments in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ contains some startling statistics on the extent of the effect of late payments.

Auctions In History

Auctions are big business – in the sale of property from homes to automobiles to antiques. Quite sophisticated in today’s society, with auction software taking the selling method online, auctions have a long history dating back many centuries. The first reported auctions took place in 500BC, as described by an ancient Greek scribe named Herodotus.

The Greatest Pitfalls Of Working As A Software Engineer

This article is mainly targeted towards those of you who are in high schools or colleges at the moment. Most of you must be contemplating about your career at this point and many of you may have already made up your minds. In this Information Technology driven world, I would not be surprised at all if quite a few youngsters end up choosing the career of a software engineer. Usually, the main driving force behind this decision is peoples’ love for computers. But being a software engineer myself, I would like to share some of the potential pitfalls of the I.T. industry.

Automotive Industry Use of Tolerance Analysis

Tolerance Analysis is a critical step in the design of robust automotive products. This article explore how GD&T and tolerance analysis is used today in the automotive industry.

Tips For Working With Fixture Design

Any time anything new is going to be designed, there is always a sense of excitement about it. There are many people that make a good living from designing things like fixtures. However, when it comes to the designing of fixtures, it is not as easy as someone might think. Designing any kind of product takes more than someone might think to take a design and turn that drawing on a piece of paper into a real product.

Importance and Benefits of PHP Web Development

Probably, by now PHP advantages for running enterprise websites are well established by the global organizations, biggest brands and even public organizations. It is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that allows programmers to create robust and dynamic web applications. With the help of PHP experts, you can extend modular systems of PHP to make a customized website complimenting your business needs.

Data Security – Part 2 Data Theft

This article covers ways to prevent data theft on your computer both locally and remotely. It gives lots of advice on what to look out for and how to implement the advice.

Microsoft Word: Nine Ways to Stop Annoying Automation in Word Documents

One of the most common complaints about Microsoft Word is its insistence on behaving like it is smarter than we are. Even more experienced Word users often just live with Word’s automatic pranks including making mysterious changes, inserting text you didn’t ask for, and taking control of your formatting, because we don’t know how to disable them. It’s not always the features themselves that are annoying it’s just not knowing how to control them. What are the best ways to stop annoying automation in Microsoft Word and to grab control of your work?

The Many Flavors of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365: Understanding Your Options

The latest versions of Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 represent a big change in how we can consume Microsoft Office primarily due to the move to the cloud (also known as cloud computing). The cloud is like file storage in the sky. But it is also a way that programs can be delivered to you without necessarily installing them on your computer. You can get to the cloud anytime you’re online. In fact, you may already be using browser-based (cloud) programs to get your work done every day. Now Microsoft Office is more connected to the cloud than ever before. And your choices for how you purchase and interact with Microsoft Office are more expanded and yes, more confusing than ever before.

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