Linux Tutorial Series – 131 – Finding a package

Basic Cloud Computing Principles

Cloud application and services when adopted can prove advantageous. Discussed here is how they can be used to the maximum benefit by applying certain principals.

Why Is It Important to Know the Inner Structure of the Software Under Test?

To perform web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing more efficiently one should comprehend the structure of the system under test and relationships between its areas. Such knowledge allows to perform not only black-box testing, but to amplify it with gray-box testing as well.

Why You Need To Know How to Build Business Dashboard Reports

Dashboards are a hot topic and skill requirement at the moment. Dashboard skills are in demand and employers are specifying that they require them as a skill set for employees. This article explains why you really need to know the business benefits of being able to build dashboard reports.

How to Select a Web Development Company?

In recent times, it has become vital for a company to have a web presence in the form of a web site or a web application. As each company is unique in terms of its objectives, strategies, work profiles and culture, each company, therefore, requires a unique solution. This gave rise to the concept of custom web applications and custom web sites.

Video Animation – Breathing Life Into Science and Medicine

Animation is a useful tool for every industry as it breathes life into a product by showcasing it from every angle. It makes the entire information clear and effective by adding glamour to it and captivating the audience. It can be used to model almost anything. You can project your product from any angle under any lighting condition. Its benefits are limitless with the limit being ‘your imagination’.

The Advantages of Absence Tracking Software

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is to educate employees about their time off benefits and tracking employee paid time off. Businesses looking to better organize their employees’ paid time off records would find adoption of an absence tracking software program to be a good option.

Features Commonly Found In CRM Systems

CRM software is designed to aid businesses organise all the necessary information regarding their client base. This article explains the common features found in CRM systems.

Business Intelligence Performance at Your Fingertips

Modern business intelligence reporting software can help your entire team make smarter decisions based on the latest data relevant to their jobs, and it can do so virtually anywhere individual team members may be. With cloud-based reporting software, everyone from the CEO to technicians in the field can access and understand current the most relevant data for their job roles.

The Necessity of Construction Accounting Software Tools

In construction it is never easy to estimate costs. There are too many variables such as the weather conditions or the quality of building materials, or the permits one needs to get to begin certain parts of the job or even employees who are not always as reliable as one would like them to be.

Five Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Business IT Systems Provider

In this era of technology businesses are discovering that they continue to require new and better software for them to conduct their affairs in an efficient manner. This is especially true when you consider the fact that programs such as office suites, accounting programs, email systems, enterprise software, file sharing programs as well as graphics software are almost becoming out of reach especially for the smaller companies.

Mobile Website: Mobile URL, Responsive, Or Dynamic?

You have just decided on creating a mobile version of your website. Then comes the decision about the most convenient way of its implementation. There are three to choose from: mobile URL, responsive design and dynamic webpage.

Use These Criteria To Choose E-Commerce Web Designers In London

Silicon Roundabout is the IT Hub in London, which is equivalent to Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. Located in East and Central London, this region houses a large number of web business companies. Of course, you can find web designers in other areas of London as well, but Silicon Roundabout is where you would find the largest cluster of IT companies in the city.

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