Linux Tutorial Series – 132 – Installing a package

Why Online Competitive Intelligence Is Key for Pricing Strategies

With hundreds of e-tailers online these days, online competitive intelligence is not a luxury or simply ‘just’ a tool. For many e-tailers, it is a way for them to ensure they have the best price and a way for them to beat out their competitors. Why are these pricing strategies a necessity for business owners?

Easy Steps to Make Clipping Paths in Photoshop

Clipping Path (CP) is a popular background removal tool. For example: when you join graphic elements from Photoshop CS 5 in a page outline program such as In Design, you may want to compound the inside graphic objects over a different colored background. But, when you bring the final graphic into your design layout, the backdrop behind the actual objects spoils the effect of your complete background quality.

The Power of Microsoft Excel – Using Cell Referencing in Calculations

If you change any values in your Excel spreadsheets, do all your calculations automatically update? If they don’t then you probably aren’t using cell referencing. Read this article to find out about cell referencing. Make sure you are working smart rather than working hard.

How to Use an Automated Medial Receptionist

Along with ensuring top-quality patient care and service, medical facilities of today also have to ensure they keep ahead of the competition while not really spending much on human resources and personnel, as well as state-of-the-art medical tools and equipment. Utilizing an automated medical receptionist proved to be one of the most innovative methods of staying competitive especially in a dynamic and fast-paced field like the medical industry. Many medical facilities that have started to use this tool have realized huge benefits, not just in terms of providing quality healthcare and service to patients but also in terms of the…

Encryption Basics

Encryption is a privacy scheme to convert plain text into a non-readable form, called cypher-text, which cannot be understood by the unauthorized users. When the intended user converts the message to its original plain text form to make it understandable, that mechanism is called decryption.

ERP Solution for Petroleum Marketers

If you’re in the petroleum business, you understand better than anyone some of the unique challenges that face this industry. You also know how important it is to run your business as efficiently and as profitably as possible to remain successful in this highly competitive arena.

Accounts Payable (AP) Department Among Top Three Most Popular for Moving to Paper-Free

A recent report from AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management), ‘Winning the Paper Wars – capture the content and mobilize the process troops’, puts the Accounts Payable (AP) department among the top three business areas organisations want to move to paper-free. The AIIM report, based on the results of a survey of 563 AIIM members, also states that investment in automating AP processing is set to grow.

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts – Shifting the F Keys

Read this article to discover the keyboard shortcuts that exist in Microsoft Word if you hold the Shift key down while pressing one of the ‘F’ or Function keys at the top of your keyboard. Some of the commands you can access aren’t even available in the default ribbons.

Evaluation Of Working Hours Required For Software Testing

Before beginning mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing it is necessary to evaluate how much time it will take. Many companies try to evaluate precisely time and resources needed for the development of an application and don’t pay much attention to the testing process.

Using SharePoint to Add the Social Networking Touch to Business Operations

Social network is increasingly getting integrated within our work circles as much as in our social circles and the greatest proof of that is the number of professional and/or company community pages on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Etc. SharePoint 2013 comes with the social networking feature integrated at every phase of its operation so that employees can communicate with their colleagues, partnering agencies and clients at the same level.

How to Make International Calls From Your Computer for Free

International call rates have been an issue for such people who have been travelling on a limited budget. There are those whose living depends on travelling around the world itself. Such business professionals are the kind of people who are looking for new opportunities in untapped markets.

Reasons Why Companies Use SAP Enhancement

There are many things that you can do to help keep your business competitive and to increase your bottom line. One of the more important things that needs to be considered in today’s electronic age, however, is the type of software you are running. Although there certainly are many choices available that can help your business, you will benefit more when you use the SAP Business Suite.

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