Linux Tutorial Series – 134 – Upgrading a package

The Important Uses of Microsoft Dynamics Accounting

Originally Microsoft Dynamics GP was developed by Great Plains Software and acquired in late 2000 by Microsoft. This is one of the four software products for accounting in business solutions. The history of Microsoft Dynamics Accounting GP dates back to early 1990s when it was used as windows-based software solutions for mid-market accounting.

The Process of Contract Management

Contract management involves the administration of documents such as employee contracts, customer contracts, and distributor contracts. A comprehensive contract management process will produce a reliable contract.

24 App Design Tips You Should Know

The process of creating a great design is abundant with various nuances, just like every other stage of software development cycle. Great design is always built around the functionality.

Are You Using a Good Media Player? Here’s How to Find Out!

No matter if you’re an avid movie watcher or not, as long as you do watch movies and other videos on your computer, it means you need a media player. Sometimes we use an application and get so used to it, we forget don’t even consider the possibility that there might be other similar programs of superior quality. Here are the main characteristics a good media player should have.

How to: Choose a Good Video Converter

Modern technology comes in a variety of devices and nowadays you have a camera on your phone, tablet, PC, laptop and of course there are also many types of cameras. The problem is that there are lots of video file formats and sometimes you need to use a specific one. The problem can be easily solved by using a video conversion program, but things might get a bit complicated if you can’t find one with the features you need.

How To: Keep Your System Running at Top Performance

We all love the way a computer runs, after we’ve just bought it. Apps and windows launch fast, the system boots quickly, in other words everything runs smoothly. But once we start installing dozens of programs, browse the Internet and perform any other computer activities, the system becomes loaded and runs with decreased performance. There are a few simple rules you have to follow if you want to keep your PC in top shape.

Biometrics and Encryption

In recent years the number of businesses which handle our online credit data has increased exponentially: whereas there were just a few online retailers a decade ago, there are now many hundreds of thousands of companies all over the world who try to sell you things online. This has led to more and more companies being targeted by cyber criminals who want to take advantage of poor security and loopholes that allow them access to your card details. One of the ways around this is through the use of biometric scanners to authenticate payment processes.

WordPress and Dreamweaver a Comparison by a Young Web Designer

WordPress is a blogging website and has nothing to do with web design – that was my perspective up until I was properly introduced to it a short time ago. I spent a large amount of my time mastering Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and jQuery. I saw learning WordPress as irrelevant to me and my career (unless I wanted to write a blog).

The Value of Training Tracking Software in Your Organization

If you have been on the sidelines in regards to investing in a training management software then this article is for you. By now every organization, big or small, for profit or non-profit, should be tracking their people’s training and education investment. It is not enough to send a tech to learn the new version of SQL from Microsoft, hopefully he passes on the first try, and then start migrating your own and your client database software to the new version.

The Growing Popularity of Healthcare IT Consultants and HIS

There has been a growing demand on the medical practices front for healthcare IT consultants. Today more doctors, physicians and hospitals, including small and mid- size clinics, are seeking to adopt the services rendered by these healthcare IT professionals.

Importance of Remote Management Services for the Gen-Next Businesses

The technologies are advancing very fast and each day the needs of the businesses are getting redefined. The business environment is tech-savvy and globalized and it is very important for the businesses to pay attention to their entire settings in terms of IT. It includes hardware, software and the required network.

Drupal CMS – How Useful It Is and for Whom?

Among the popular Content Management Systems, Drupal holds a special place. This article deals with the specialties of Drupal as the ideal CMS and who can benefit more by PSD to Drupal implementation.

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