Linux Tutorial Series – 135 – Other package operations

Current Applications of Biometrics

Biometric security is the process through which people are identified using a biological trait, such as a fingerprint or retina scan. In recent years biometrics has been hailed as the new way that we can protect ourselves against fraud and identity theft, but we are still in the early stages of technology. There are, however, various uses of biometrics being employed today.

Find The Right Balance With Agile Development Methodology

Agile’ is a wide term used for recognizing a variety of models used for agile development methodology. There are many differences between this model and the traditional models; The agile model highlights the fact that the entire team should be a close knit unit which comprises of the developers, quality assurance, project management, and the customer.

Enhance Your First-Time Resolution Capabilities With Chat Support Software

Implementing chat support software, the retailers have been able to enhance their first-visit resolution capabilities; because this web-based chat application increases the efficiency of chat representatives by allowing them to provide on-the-spot answers of their customers’ queries. Additionally, the tracking component of live chat helps chat agents to gather useful information about a particular customer which later helps them providing accurate and quick answers in first contact.

The Future of Internet Security

Internet security is constantly trying to meet the needs of the public and private sectors. Businesses, as well as individuals, are always looking for the latest security developments to make sure that their data is secure. This has led to companies trying to find new ways of protecting data; we must remember that the Internet is still a relatively new concept – any security is even newer – and so there are lots of advances yet to be made.

How Cloud Based Time Tracking Software Helps Small Businesses

Time tracking software solutions have always played a key role in helping businesses overcome the drawbacks of manual time and attendance. Today, businesses are able to achieve a much more streamlined and accurate payroll process.

iPhone Software Update IOS 7 Beta Releases: The Good, The Better, and The Best!

You should be super excited about the iOS 7 software update! Features like the built in radio, command center, and amazing new graphical design will blow you away as an Apple iOS device owner.

How To Take the Hassle Out Of Managing Shift Workers

The economic downturn has caused many companies to rethink the way they operate. Many have had to make dramatic reductions in overheads in order to remain viable. One way of achieving this is by introducing shift work as an alternative to costly overtime. This significantly increases the use that can be made of capital equipment and results in up to three times the production compared to a normal single day shift.

How To Manage Staff Holidays At Peak Periods

As anyone who is responsible for workforce scheduling knows, ensuring adequate staff cover in summer and at popular holiday times can be a real headache. Add to that the problem of parents having to take time off to care for their children at half term and staff scheduling can turn into a logistical nightmare.

How Employee Scheduling Software Helps Control Labour Costs

Following the downturn in the economy, the workplace has undergone immense and rapid changes in recent years. The pressure to compete effectively has compelled many companies to make drastic cuts in their operational costs in order to remain viable.

Advanced Persistent Threats: If You Think Your Safe You Would Be Wrong

You may think that cyber-attacks are someone else’s problem. You would be wrong. Cyber-attacks are growing in their number, sophistication and diversity of target. The 2013 Verizon report on data breaches makes clear that we all need to be on guard for so called “Advanced Persistent Threats” (APTs). In fact, Verizon concluded “We see victims of espionage campaigns ranging from large multi-nationals all the way down to those that have no IT staff at all.”

The Changing Role of Procurement, the Changing Form of Procurement Processing

The role of procurement has been changing over recent years and developing into a far more strategic part of a business. With this change in perception of role has come a need for improved procedures and which has led to a growing move towards electronic processing. Could moving to electronic procurement processing bring benefits to your business?

The Benefits of Availing the Contract Management System Software

Are you wondering about what happens in a contract management system or how this kind of software works? If you are used in compiling and keeping your clients’ contracts and details manually, you will find lots of benefits from learning how to use this kind of technology.

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